Monday, February 28, 2011

Harvest Monday

Harvest Monday 2.28.11
Last Harvest of February.

A small shot of peas to throw on top of my spring green salad, 5lb head of, can you guess what? CABBAGE! You got it! 6 grapefruit, a bunch of lemons and a handful of tangerines and oranges. A few radishes for said salads with peas, an avocado (not form my tree so not on tally) and.... a handful of berries that once again did not make it inside.

Unfortunately the lemon tree is not likely to bear again. It's infected. :-( It's rotting actually. It was split a few years back and we did what we could to repair it but unfortunately I don't think it was enough. The lemons are wonderfully flavoured but they are soft and barely hanging on the tree. The tree itself is shedding it's leaves and while I really don't want to give up on it all the other trees are getting leaves not losing. It is was the heaviest producing tree we had. THe lemons until last year were twice times the size they are now. More the size of a large orange! So, we are with a very heavy heart harvesting the last of her bounty. It's a good thing the young tree is flowing like crazy and made it through the winter with flying colors. *sigh*

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  1. You have had a great harvest. I still need to get out in the garden and pick something for dinner tonight...we've had yucky weather!

    I've named you as a blog award winner: I really don't know much about these I just know I'm suppose to pass it on and your blog was a favorite:

  2. Hey neighbor! I'm so sorry about your lemon tree! I love your header photo - okra flowers are gorgeous. I'm jealous of all your citrus.

  3. Impressive harvest.
    A patiently waiting northern grower :)

  4. Cabbage! Wahoo! Your radishes are so cute, sitting up there next to the big guys! So sorry to hear about your lemon tree. While they are not eaten as fruit, fresh lemons sure do add a little bit of tang to so many dishes.

  5. Wow, big cabbage and cute radishes.
    I'm citrus envy, very very envy!

  6. Oh how sad to lose a tree. At least you got a really good harvest this year.