Friday, February 25, 2011

Sports injury?

Sports injury? Old war injury? I mean who really wants to admit – it’s a POOP injury!
You may remember that last weekend I loaded 30 bags of cow manure and top soil into my poor old 1990 car and drug it home. Where I promptly unloaded it. Then, later that day and the following day I opened those bags, and put them into the garden, raising the main bed.
Apparently doing all this and moving a metric ton by yourself 3 times in 24 hours when you don’t normally move 40 and 50 pound bags of ‘stuff’ around is just not all that brilliant of an idea. But, really. When the forecast looks like mine has looked the last 10 days – and still looks for the next 10 days, I ask you this. HOW. How could I have not done it? Shoot, I would do it again. The irony here is that I rested and took care of my shoulder so that this weekend I could go out and have a repeat performance. J
The new bed needs prepped and it sure as heck won’t be doing the work for me. I’m slightly impatient I do realize that. I desperately want that new area done so I can plant it. But last night I had me a hot date.

With a jalapeƱo.

Named Jose.

Jose Jalapeno, on a stick.

I now have a shoulder that is MORE sore than it was the day after moving all that, uh, ‘dirt’ in my yard.  I did have a great time. I really did. I haven’t laughed so hard in years.
Apparently however, laughter for hours on end is really not good medicine for your shoulder. Just my FYI for the day.

And on the gardening front my smallest children (the seedlings) are spending the day outside today. Unsupervised. I hope they behave! They’ll have shade until 2 or 3 so I think they’ll be good. Just hope the (real) babysitter doesn’t try to water them, or let the kids mess with them much. *sigh* I feel like I’m leaving my infant nurslings for the first time to return to work. Sheesh. Whoddathunk?

‘Till next time


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  1. I think I'll be suffering from poop injuries in about two weeks. If the weather warms. If I'm lucky, maybe I can get my grandson away from his video games long enough to come over and help me.

    I think we all fret over our "babies". I almost always forget and leave some out to bake, or drown them when I forget to move them before sprinkling the lawn. Luckily, they usually manage to survive my carelessness.