Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something Happened

And this is what happened. The weather. Our 10 day looks exactly like this. The last 10 days looked exactly like this.
I can’t take it anymore.
I snapped.
My indoor seedlings are simply not growing fast enough.
I went shopping yesterday.
I played hooky from work. OK well I worked until 3pm anyway.
I went to 3 different nurseries. 2 good nurseries. I refused to go to the box store.
I only got 3 plants.
Can you believe that?! Only 3 plants!? I’m too picky for my own good! ARGH! No, I don’t want the hybrid. No I don’t want that I have that in a seedling I can just wait another 3 weeks and mine will be that size. No, that isn’t healthy enough. Too leggy, too common, I have too many….
I can’t TAKE IT ANY MORE! I’m a …..



So, I went home and threw my diagrams in the trash, and threw out my normal wisdom, ripped open my packet of beans and plopped (without soaking – though it made me cringe I just COULD.NOT.WAIT. ANY.LONGER) 4 squares of (saved)Roma beans, 3 of Royal burgundy and 1 little 20C packet of Harvester beans that my girls insisted I buy at the checkout counter at Walmart the other day. I didn’t want to but for a measly 20cent, I figured why not appease the poor children and let them have their own seeds! So, if you are ever wondering just how many beans are in one of those little packets now you know. About 20 and a good 7 of them were mangled to the point of never to sprout.

Oh, and the 3 plants I bought? A beefsteak tomato, another blueberry to add to my collection. I now have 7 plants 1 large 6 small and all different varieties and a second (small/dwarf) pomegranate. I really need to get into some type of a program. If they would have had some sort of heat tolerant cherry I would have bought that, too. As it is I stood in front of a very large, Florida friendly apple tree trying to figure out how to not only come up with $175 + delivery but then how in the world to keep the neighborhood kids from stealing the fruit. Beyond electrifying the tree itself I couldn’t come up with anything so I left it. L I wasn’t happy but I did leave the tree behind. For the most part the nurseries just didn’t have any veggies yet. It’s simply too early. I was only looking for a few little things so I didn’t feel like I was only tending dirt but I do feel good getting these few things to play with. I probably won’t be able to get them in the ground until this weekend but darn it I have them, and that just feels RIGHT!

And that brings me to my next question. Anyone know what a sparkleberry is? I’m so interested in figuring this out and finding one(berry or jelly or something) to try now. Sounds YUMMY, but I wonder.

More on the garden plans, and seedlings soon. Someone PLEASE make them grow faster. This is killing me!

‘Till next time!


  1. I'm right there with you on the inability to wait. I started more seeds last night (although in seed starter pots, not the ground) but I bought way too many plants over the weekend. I live in the same area. Can you tell me what nurseries you like? I haven't been brave enough to venture beyond a big box store and an online seed catalog. Feel free to respond to this post or email me directly (

    And how great has this weather been!!!

  2. I Googled Sparkleberry and I don't think you'll be eating any! Now me, I'd be planting one for my bees! :)

  3. That just made me curl up into a ball and whimper. We have a winter storm warning that begins at 4 pm, with 1-2" of snow predicted. Down to 17F tonight, then to 12F tomorrow night. Yes, I could still be in sunny Arizona!

  4. I went to the store today too and picked 2 pepper plants to add to my collection of 4 that are already out in the garden (with the tomatoes). I planted those this past weekend. I'm just hoping we don't get a cold snap here in Northern Florida!