Monday, March 31, 2014

Harvest Monday

It may be 11pm but gosh darn it - it's Monday still!

The last couple weeks have gone by so quickly that I think I've lost track of time completely. I have had a few successful harvests at least.

I have no idea where the pictures will go once I post this but I will give it a go.

I've harvested cauliflower a few times. Lots of cabbages a few baskets of broccoli a couple pounds of green beans the last of the citrus with exception to the key lines that come all year round one at a time.
Some mint was eaten and the mulberry glut has begun.

Here are (hopefully) some pics.

See you soon!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nearly a month. WOW!

Time really does fly. but in this case - not when you are having fun.

I really thought that I would have been able to pick up my computer and transfer some pictures for a short blogitty blog by now. But, plans change and complications get in the way. You spend almost a week in the hospital and come home one uterus short and gain a couple pints of someone elses blood and all you thought you were going to do with your 'scheduled personal time' well, it goes out the window. Fast.

It's been 3 weeks now and thanks to surgery complications and then healing complications followed by an infection I am just now really able to do anything other than the absolute necessary. Shoot. It took 2 weeks before I could shower myself and not be completely utterly out of breath and have to to a nap afterward. Who knew showering should be an Olympic sport!?

Once I was able to get back outside and see the world again I really realized that the best laid plans of mice and men? Are meant to be destroyed. My yard will most certainly be getting a notice of violation from the homeowners association and the garden? Oh the poor garden. The only thing out there doing really well for themselves are the perennials that have been in the ground for several years. Even my yearly persimmon tree is looking like it might be lost. The grape vines were always fragile things and 3 weeks without water sees them defoliated and possibly dying as well.

It's sad when just a month can ruin so many things. The tomato plants are all gone but one. The bean plants had a single half harvest and succumbed to their neglect. Broccoli? Well they look like the dessert. Ho-hum. It's time to recenter my efforts, but I don't have the ability yet to do anything but mourn the loss. The grass took over a good third of the garden in my absence. So now it comes time to choose. Do I just go through and wipe everything out or try to nurse what is left? Guess I will have to wait to make that decision anyhow. Good news is that 4 heads of cabbage were harvested in my absence. Just knowing some of it went to good use makes me feel good.

So, it seems my time here is short - I'm heading back to the couch to put my feet up and be a good girl. I'll keep you posted on the gardens recovery. As for mine? Well, if the garden is recovering you know I can't be doing to poorly.

See you soon!