Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A moment.

Remember I said I’d get back in a moment to what happened about making sure I kept the kids out of trouble? Yeah. That part didn’t go so well. While I was unloading 1200 pounds of cow manure the girls were entertaining themselves on the playground.

Kate just the afternoon before had been playing on the playground and ran headlong into the post of a swing set. She ran into it flat against her ear, and so hard it nearly knocked her out. Poor girl. I wasn’t on duty. My Mom was. Grandma didn’t see the accident, but Sissy did, and Kate was mortified by it good enough that she reported it to me and begged for Tylenol and bed. I knew it hurt. That girl is a tank and even when she doesn’t feel good nothing keeps her down. I checked her pupils to see that she didn’t have any obvious signs of a concussion and after asking a few questions decided she was fine. No goose egg and after 3 kids I figure I know a concussion when I see one. She went to bed without a fight. (Now I KNOW she must have been hurting pretty bad)

Back to the story, so the next morning I was unloading my large load of poo and the girls were playing in the sandbox, like good little girls. I got the car unloaded and marveled at my amazing ability to stack bags of manure neatly and about the time I realized my shoulder was feeling a little pinchy I looked over to see Kate throwing mulch into the sandbox. ‘Kate, only sand in the sandbox. We don’t put mulch in there or our toys won’t work right.’ I walked to the shed and grabbed a few tools I needed and came back. As I rounded the corner mulch was flying in the air. ‘Kate, we don’t throw mulch, it will get in someone’s eyes. This is the second time. Next time we go inside’ Cringing of course because I REALLY don’t want to stop to go inside. I have entirely to much work to stop now. Sure enough a few seconds later…. There is mulch on the slide. Did I do as I said? Not quite I gave a big old holler though! ’THREE!!!!’ For some reason that seemed to work. ‘Sorry Momma’ and there was no more mulch. Well, that was interesting. Maybe I didn’t need to take them inside after all! Maybe the scare tactic worked. It was getting close to lunch time, so after pulling out the old mulch from the top of the main garden I decided to go in to get ourselves some sustenance. Guess what I found?

The reason the mulch stopped.

Turns out my little bug is allergic to ants. Poor thing.by that evening her hand was huge. Yes, we went to the Dr's. Yes, she is better now. Yes, I feel incredibly guilty. No, I am not moving out of Florida. Yes, good thing I only waited less than an hour before I stopped for lunch. Benedryl will be in my purse from now on, thank you very much.

And, on a side note a sudden realization I have a really hard time making harvest Monday you know, HARVEST Monday. Maybe it's more like Manic Monday for me. Teehee. Guess I'll have to start making a separate post for all the other stuff. Sorry if it irritates anyone. I'm a bit of a jabber box.  (Yes, really)

'Till next time! 


  1. Hey, now, you can't take away my title of biggest jabber box of the garden blog world! Not irritated at all, I love bloggers who interject tales from their every day lives.

    I have to keep Benadryl on hand for Annie and Otto, due to their allergies to the wasps that always seem to find a place to nest on our property. You should have seen how Annie's nose swelled up when she got stung! If it hadn't been so scary, it would have been hilarious. It turned out to be rather expensive too, with a trip to the vet and two injections. That's why the Benadryl is always nearby.

  2. Ouch! I have one who is allergic to ants too...