Monday, February 7, 2011

Harvest Monday. 2.7.11

It's What? FEBRUARY? Nah. I'm in complete denial. I can't believe that the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season made way for the calm cool of January and I'm still running around all crazy like!
Linking with Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday!

My harvest is simple I'll wrap it up quick. Only 2 strawberries and a handful of sugar snap peas. Nothing major to report there.

I did do a lot of work in the garden this week, I separated all the strawberry plants. I was waiting for back to back freezes to kill back the tops but it didn't happen. We'd get a night here or there but unlike last year there was not 10 nights in a row nor any days that we did not rise above freezing. They were blossoming fervently. But so tightly packed the blossoms stood no chance of pollination, and as luck would have it the landscape fabric I'd placed as a deterrent to our weeds was preventing them from spacing out naturally. I'll come back to this in a minute. I have something else I need to discuss first.

The major report is the fact that even though I tried as hard as I could, and believe you me - I did try. I held my breath and I stopped my feet! But try as I might the proof is here.....
The snakes have shot forth from their burrows in masses. We were definitely invaded with all types of snakes this weekend. Sly little devil...
Up to no good she was. I found these critters all over my house and int he garden. Thought she was just SOOOOoooo cute. Well, Momma's got a sense of humor too! I pretended to have a fainting attack upon seeing each and every one. LOL. Little bugger thought that was even better!

But, that isn't all I found out and about the yard this weekend! Oh BROTHER!!!!

The Pomegranate tree has sent tiny red foliage everywhere rejuvenating the lost brown wintered leaves, my GRASS! Oh, how I've missed it!

The peach trees are preparing for their big show.

The blueberries.....the oranges, limes, lemons....

All beginning to emit a wonderfully Florida fragrance!

 Onions are unfolding and the roots are thickening. Every once in a while I'll brush against them just to hear the kids squeal- eewww Mommy- that smells! :-D
Apple trees are budding and the leaves are truly so green it nearly hurts your eyes to look at them! Oh the promise of their sweet bounty! Will this be the year we will finally see out first return for the care of these trees? Oh I hope so!

And spring has come in yet another form..... The weeds have returned. Of course this time of year I'm only out in the yard once or twice a week so it's much easier for them to reach this size, to go unchecked longer.
But, along with that is our wonderful peach blossoms. Mary, I'm only 2 weeks behind you now. This was our first blossom. The rest are meerly buds but they are bulging and blushing. They'll show their splendor soon! Ho rah for peaches! Praying it doesn't freeze again now. It very well could. Nothing major int he forecast for the next 10 days but this is Florida and this state needs Prozac. We and Texas are after all the Bi-Polar states. Never can tell what kinda weather you'll get! If the weatherman says 90% chance of rain you can count on cloudy and not much else. :-D


  1. Bi-polar state, indeed... at least this time of year. I wish it was also true in the summer, when it is just hot all the time.

    So, you have your first peach blossom? I wonder why mine were so much earlier? Strange... Our tree really burst in blossoms this year. I can't wait to see it loaded with peaches!

    I laughed at the snake picture/story... cute! :)


  2. They may not be many, but the peas look delicious. And spring has come to your garden. I'm still waiting. I think I'll have a long wait this year.

  3. It's always good to see the buds swelling and the plants getting ready to shout out for spring!