Friday, February 11, 2011


Lookie what I got!

Seeds! Tatsoi was my bonus as well as Bay beans (a local sword) and the Seminole Pumpkin sent by Roxanne!
Thank YOU!
No, I have NO IDEA where in the world I'm going to plant the Seminole pumpkin, but believe you me I'll find some place. I've heard tales of 40' vines and taking over everything in sight. I've also heard it's resistant to nearly everything and if that is truly the case i may have just the place... hehehe... there is an empty lot not to far from our home and I know the kids go there to horse around and ride dirt bikes and such. But, this vine and the fruit looks so foreign I highly doubt that they would even think that it was edible. They might think to throw the squash just to see what's inside, and that might be a risk I'm willing to make with at least one vine. I've also got Alabama. I could let a couple vines fend for themselves against the animasl up there. I can't plant on the next trip as it will be too early. Next week we will be there but I'm assured failure by way of frost/freeze if I do that. I guess that leaves March or April for planting. The plant itself will survive provided the pigs don't destroy it. But, will any squash be left? It is a hard shelled squash so there is a chance... *sigh* I really wish I had more space. It seems all my favorite veggies need the most room. 

*disclaimer- not my picture* here is the seminole - If I didn't know and I saw them in the wild I wouldn't try them!
Seminole Pumpkins
Now, I'm off to daydream up a place to plant this!
'Till next time!


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