Thursday, February 28, 2013

Like Bigfoot!

Much like Bigfoot, taking a picture of an elusive working teenager is nearly impossible.
I have evidence.
Moments before there was a teenager here. I swear it! You can use some quotes around the word "working" because he took breaks equal to the amount of time he spent working, but I swear when I snapped the shutter he was standing there!
We were back at work trying to complete the next planter. I'm trying to get the two end planters completed. Then after they are done I'll move on to the middle ones. This project seems to be never ending to me. The trenches are always a surprise. The first 2, pictured here were littered with roots from a nearby oak tree. Just 3 years ago there were no roots here. I guess I should have put the planter in then! The next 2 trenches  I WE dug? We found the main water pipe to the house! THAT was fun. I was ready to just move the box, but of course we had already done the work of getting the first two sides dug...
LOOK! There he is! The elusive BIG FOOT... uh- I mean teenager! heheh... actually I DO mean big foot. That boys feet are HUGE. He's wearing a size 11.5 already. Soon I'll be having to find out who Shaqeal O'Neil's tailor and cobbler are so he can make this kids clothes and shoes!
Oh, right I was talking about the garden. If I had dug the side that had the water pipe first I would have stopped there, but Nooo... my hard headed self had already had it in my brain that I was NOT putting in a whole other day of work to dig those trenches again! So hubby - sweet as he is cut out the metal pallets and if we forget to tell whoever buys this place when we leave they may have a major issue if they try to take out the garden boxes. LOL. The boxes just barely fit over the pipes and are SUPER sharp. Remind me to write that down somewhere... hehehe.
So, progress continues on major garden renovation and I'm hoping before summer to have it all done. Call me crazy, but I think I may actually make it. Maybe. If Bigfoot here will help, and get his Daddy in on the helping bandwagon, too. My plan is for dirt to go in the box this weekend then old Poppa Bear can take his time making it pretty if he wants as long as I get to plant things. ;-)
For now it's time to sort through the seeds again and get things re-started that froze a couple weeks ago. *sigh*.
What a mess. Melted tomatoes. (OH JOY!) I think I ended up with 4 plants that made it. Now I need about 8 more. Not to mention the peppers. Hey- at least my jalapeno plant made it through the first wave. It's supposed to be extra chilly again this weekend. Highs only in the 50's. Yup. Definitely time to plant again.

See you soon!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Harvest Monday 2.25.13

The end of February - already? Wow time flies! It's nearly March already, hard to believe. But, I do have a harvest to report! Linking into Daphne's Dandelions. Make sure you stop by and check out what people are harvesting from all around the world! Thanks Daphne for hosting. It amazes me that you still host when you are off and running on vacation. LOL
This week brought the first mulberries!
The tree is loaded to the hilt with them. I thought surely I'd lose them in the freeze, but they were safe and sound!

Look at them all getting ripe and juicy just for me and my gang. Later in the year they'll be given to the chickens but the first crop of the year is ours to devour! :-D
Last years first ripe berries came on March 19th. So a full 3 weeks early this year...
Also on the harvest list is:
A decent leek. I'm hoping for potato and A leek soup. LOL... I only had one at harvest size. I tried to move the rest of the juveniles. I hope they hold up all right. I dug them nice and deep, moved the soil surrounding them. Hopefully they'll make a good transplant and still be good to harvest in a couple months. I figure after eating something in the allium family I'll need something to freshen our breath. Some MINT perhaps? :-D I needed to transplant the Mother plant so I harvested as much as I could, and transplanted the heart of the plant. This time to a POT! I also have a chocolate mint and I am temped to plant them together but I"m afraid I won't be able to tell them apart until it's too late. I don't want them to intertwine and I don't know how I would keep them FROM getting across to each other. What other herb could I plant in with the mint that wouldn't be completely strangled out by it? I don't do a lot of gardening in pots. I only grow a few trees that need frost care in pots, so call me clueless!
I also harvested a side salad. Not enough for all five of us mind you. Just one side salad. Mine, that is. ;-) 1 small tomato and a couple strawberries on top of it made it rather delicious if I say so myself.
OK- gotta get back to work now.
See you soon!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perry- hunting

So. I don't know about how incredibly romantic your man is. But mine? He's just SO romantic. He lets me kill things for Valentine's day. That's right. You are now seething with jealousy. Go ahead. Admit it. You would just *swoon* if your man proffered a hunting trip to the woods, wouldn't ya?
What? You don't think that is a terribly romantic idea? Hmm... Well, while it IS my idea of food, and possibly fun, it is NOT my idea of ROMANTIC, either. Hunting normally involves a lot of work on MY end. But, in this case we only took one of our little rug rats along with us. That made it a little better. Still not incredibly romantic - but I digress.
Last weekend we took off to Perry, FL just a few hours North of us to do some hog hunting. It was not work for me! This kind of hunting is something I could get used to. We enjoyed a lovely bonfire at night, I didn't have to set up or break camp like usual. Heck, I didn't even have to cook or clean! Maybe this trip wasn't so bad. It still didn't hit 'romantic' but I will admit I did have a good time. Take me with no children and it could have been that big "R" word. ;-) I do after all enjoy the serenity of the woods. I LIKE building campfires and being one with nature. S'mores aren't bad, either.
OK,OK - I will get on with it. We got into camp on Friday night around 9pm. Hunted on Saturday morning and by 8am we had our hog. We hung around for the day Troy practiced with a compound bow, and we tried to go out again Saturday night but the winds were so horrible (15-30mph) that I ended up with windburn on my face and eyes. I got the chills pretty bad, too. The tree we were in was like sitting in a ride at the County fair the way it was swinging back and forth! The hogs were there, but they were bedded down and not coming out. I don't blame them. When we got back to camp at sundown it was 36* and falling fast. The wind made it wound like the trees were falling down around us, but the fire kept us warm. The kids romped and played all kinds of scare your friends games to keep warm. Running may have kept them warm, but me? I had a blanket and the fire!
I climbed into bed early and woke to a clear crisp 28* morning. We stoked the fire back up and Troy went off squirrel hunting. The boy could not get enough. He was on a kick so we let him go but warned him that anything he killed he would eat. Well, now I have to cook squirrel don't ya know! Ah, but he'll be the one to eat it and next time he has to not only eat it he has to be the one to CLEAN them. I'm doubting he'll hunt them again even if he likes the taste. They are a lot of work because they are so small.
So, while my garden froze at home and the wind opened the gate to let my chickens wreck havoc on whatever they set their beaks upon I was having a good ole time. Ah- I guess it was worth it.... I think.

His first hog. He's proud. I'm proud of him. He did very well not getting overly nervous. He chose a good size for meat and not a trophy. He took a good clean shot. He is coming along and going to make a fine and conscientious hunter. Now, let's see if I can get him back in the garden again. Seems I need some help replanting a bunch of seeds. HUMPH!
See you soon!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Harvest Monday 2.18.13

Harvest Monday. It's just after Valentine's Day and how fitting that this is the first week that I've been harvesting strawberries!

I don't have much for pictures this week. We took off to run up to North Florida on a little hunting trip... My boy took his first hog. We'll have a BBQ this weekend to celebrate and put half of it on the grill. I can't wait!

Most of my harvests looked exactly like this each day.
And, that reminds me I also harvested 3 small salad tomatoes a bunch of eggs and just enough lettuce to make a salad. Of course the days we were not there nothing was harvested, but - eh...It froze two nights in a row and now the rest of the week it's suppose to be in the 50's and 60's again. It means I'll ahve to restart the tomatoes and peppers that were already blooming and setting. That is a major setback, but one that is fairly normal. February is known to be cruel around here. I jsut wish I'd have been home to protect my plants. Oh, well. I have more seeds!

Joining in to Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday.

See you soon! (With the picture of Troy's hog!)


Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's Day Party...

Okay, well - maybe it was more of a "Party" complete with quotes. It involved keeping poor Savannah away from all food, candy, etc until after her surgery. Not sure how much of a party it can be with no food or drink, but we did what we could.
First thing we did was sleep in.

This is essential in keeping kids away from food. Letting their bodies do what is best, and that means minds completely shut off for as long as possible. Of course my little munchkin woke up not too much after normal time. I managed to coax her back to sleep for another hour and a half though and that helped. Then we hung out in bed for a while and watched cartoons.


The next thing we did was wander around the house and see what Momma did while the littles were sleeping.

Hey! Imagine that! Someone actually decorated the house. Huh, Wonder who that could have been. Cupid must have been a busy little fella! What with all the love bows he had to shoot and candy hearts he had to bake.
Aren't you glad this is one holiday we don't have to try to sneak around for? Sheesh. I did wait until the kids went to bed to decorate, but not because i didn't want to get caught in this case. Because I didn't want poor little Annah around food or thinking about food if she didn't have to be.
The heart on the fridge came with a NO - NO note. I forgot to put one on the pantry and sure enough she got in there. I did catch her, but she found her way. Sure enough she did. *sigh*
Well, after sleeping in and then wandering around we found a nice little stash of Valentine goodies to keep us busy!
In these bags we found a new 'piggy bank' (it was NOT a piggy) a puzzle, and a few low key activities to enjoy for the day. After a jaunt at the puzzle - my girl is a puzzle whiz we went out to gather eggs and it was icky rainy out. SO much for playing outside in the garden for a while.
She decided to watch Brave. Fitting for a little girl who had to wait for surgery... did I mention her surgery was scheduled for 2:30!!!? YIKES!
So back to relax some more. I have to say at this point more than a few tears were shed.
But you would never know by looking at that sweet, sweet face. Would ya? She was SO mad about not eating and drinking so we hung out upstairs away from the temptations that come from being in the normal living areas.

Contrary to popular belief she does not actually have any brothers or sisters who are hamsters. The red eyes only come out when she is angry about not eating. LOL> OK maybe it's the flash.

It seemed like and eternity, but before we knew it we were all checked in at the surgery center and waiting to go back.
Luckily? Well, I don't know about that part but because we were not first timers there they had all of our information already and we didn't have to wait very long at all.
Annah was a super champ and walked right back with the anesthesiologist. According to the Dr and the nursing staff she was the model patient and they wished more kids were like her. :-) She makes me proud.
In recovery she looks, well - drugged because she was.
We were quickly sent home where she curled up on the couch and was allowed to eat whatever she wanted.
About an hour later she was back to normal and happy go lucky!
We made cookies, and then she got to frost them and decorate them for everyone for Valentine's Day. She didn't even skip a beat. Just took a little cat nap. LOL.

The surgeon was able to do both ears. A true blessing. He knew he would be able to do one, but the second ear was questionable. We thought we would be back to do the second later in the year. I'm so happy he was able to get them both done at one. It may not be a painful surgery, but it is not only an inconvenience it is also uncomfortable for my girlie each time.
Last night was the first time in weeks that she was able to go to sleep without the help of not only drugs, but me holding her and helping her. There were no tears shed! This makes me so very relieved. The best grand I ever spent...even though there will still be the bill from the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the pathologist.... oye.
She's doing very well, and it seems now we may get to go hunting this weekend after all. Here piggy piggy piggy.... *teehee*
See you soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Annah's Valentine's Day plans

Well. It seems I was right. We went to see Savannah's doctor about her ears and before we left we were scheduled for surgery again.
Only thing is, this time we won't be waiting very long. Tomorrow is the day! Yup. Valentine's Day. She will miss the class party. So we filled out her Valentine's cards and sent them in to school today along with her contribution to the party for tomorrow.
Normally there is a few weeks wait before surgery, so this was a bit of a surprise. I guess it is and it isn't. We know that her ears were pretty bad off and it's not her first (or second, or third) go round. But, it is good that she will have relief before the weekend.
In preparation we went last night and got her hair cut (EEK!) so that the gooey goopy ear gunk would be easier to clean up. She's not very happy with me, but it's always a fight in the mornings anyway and this will help us both. I hate what they did to her bangs, but it will grow.
I'll try to update tomorrow while my baby girl is recuperating. Wish me luck with keeping her happy about having our own little Valentine's party.

See you soon.


Monday, February 11, 2013


I take it back I do have a couple pictures to share. ;-)
(From BEFORE they got sick)

I'll be back with AFTER they got sick shots another time.
See you soon.


Harvest Monday 2/11/13

It's Harvest Monday again.
This time I'm not linking in though. I don't have any pictures, and nothing wonderful to report. I did have a small harvest this week though.
1 zucchini and 2 tomatoes. :-)
Hey, it may not be much, but it keeps me going.
We also harvested the flu and another ear infection. That is why I'm not linking in and why I have no pictures to share yet again. Tomorrow I head back to the Dr's for what I am afraid pretty sure will be the assurance of the next round of surgery for my littlest.
It seems each Spring I get to report this event. Unfortunately it is preceded with so many sleepless nights that by the time we get here I'm relieved to get the surgery scheduled and then by surgery day I may be nervous for the surgery but the actual surgery it self is such a relief! Sleep is in my future, I just KNOW IT!
We have flu complications as well. Friday Kate was feeling perfectly fine after fending off her bout of flu. Today she is snotty and wheezy. Looks like we will be heading back tot he Dr's again for her this afternoon or tomorrow as well.
We had plans for hunting this weekend, but I'm not so sure that is going to happen now as it requires us to leave them each at different grandparents houses. My fingers are crossed for miraculous recoveries for both, but my brain is realistic and preparing for the reality of another quiet (LONG NIGHTED) weekend at home.

See you soon.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For the record.

Yes, for the record. Because if I forget to post it I will forget what type of what plant I have planted. I'm rather BLONDE like that.

A lot of times I plant in blocks. It makes it easier to keep track of what i am planting. It keeps true to the design of "Square Foot Gardening" and after all, that is essentially what I do. I pack as much as possible into a very small space. I ask a whole lot of plants that normally are given more space to perform those same duties. In turn sometimes i learn that those plants can't perform that way. Of course I also learn that some plants perform just fine in half the space that everyone thinks they need. But, it's still a learning process for me.

Anyway- for the record... transplanted 10 Snowball Cauliflower, 2 Jalapenos plants, 2 Bell Pepper plants, 4 better boy tomatoes and 2 Roma tomatoes. I divided 6 of my strawberry plants and transplanted them as well. Unfortunately this was necessary as out of the original 20 divisions about 9 have been uprooted by my feathered gang. I had far less divisions this year... really think I shouldn't have let the garden get so out of hand. UGH.

Still need to transplant 5 beefsteak tomatoes and get the rest of the seeds going so I don't have a lapse. I really need to get the indeterminate varieties paired down but I just can't let go of those wonderful sandwich types. *sigh*

As for other things- I did have a harvest this past week. I harvested 2 zucchini. One baby zuch, and one nice sized one that became dinner upon harvest, so no picture. Sorry!

Still need to work on a few things int he garden. Waiting on baited breath for those seedlings to emerge. It's been chilly the whole week, but sunny - so it should be happening any day now.

See you soon!


Friday, February 1, 2013


Oh, it feels so nice to be sowing and planting again!
Yesterday I had to stay home for a few hours in the morning. It was crisp and cool out.
What? Don't laugh. It was in the 50's and that to me is COLD! It was rather breezy, too. Yeah... I know.... poor little Southern Girl. Well when I got done watering in my seeds I thought my fingers were icicles and it took and hour of being inside to get the feeling back. LOL. I'm not used to that!
So in the ground are seeds for: MEGATON! cabbage,  Dicicco broccoli, Sweet Ann sugar snap peas, Alaska sweet peas, Chantenay carrots, Danvers 1/2 long, Parisian, and a dozen lettuce transplants that waited about a month already. They should take off like gangbusters. I just hope they haven't waited too long.
Last night it got down to around 40 degrees so it is another crisp day today and tomorrow will be a little warmer but not by much. Great for the transplanted lettuce...not so great for me.

There will be lots more seeds and plants going in this week and next as the garden gets whipped back into shape. Now that I know the fence bed will be struggling in the shade of the new planters I know I'll have to plant cooler veggies there. Things that either need a lot of shade or that can survive it. Alternately things that need cooler temps as Spring revs up around here we get some pretty hot temps fast and that tends to send a lot of our lettuces and greens bolting quickly. I'm hoping this will help with that problem.  It should also help hold the moisture in the soil as well.

Another issue that is cropping up is the walkways between the beds. We are not sure if we are going to try to leave it grass for now and see how it works or if we are going to just ditch the grass and go for some type of litter in the walkways. Of course if I do line the walkways there is maintenance involved in that as well. Personally I'd rather see hay or straw used so that it can be recycled and used the following season in the compost. Hubby won't like that idea. Maybe pine straw would be more his speed. It's a bit prettier I guess. I just don't like pebbles or rocks and laying an entire area of pavers? NIGHTMARE!

So, still more work and thought to be put into the garden beds. Not just muscle. But, speaking of muscle the next set of pallets came in last night. (Oh. Joy!) Great for getting the beds done, bad for getting any gardening done. It's such a catch 22. I want the beds in so I can use them, but I want time to get the beds I have caught up and planted out as well.
Maybe letting the beds get out of hand wasn't such a great idea? Never is.
 The blueberries are blooming like crazy and one has completely broken dormancy. The guavas are flushing. It's a beautiful Morning! Hopefully I'll be back with some pictures of something besides my new garden bed.
See you soon!