Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little bragging on my blog here.

And a lot of pictures. :-)
Don't say I didn't warn you.
I do believe I've hit the jack pot people!

Both figuratively and literally!

Someone decided that I have to pay attention to more than just seeds. That you know Valentine's and flowers and all that was also done recently and she should get some recognition, too.

Let's not forget those flowers.... beautiful roses.

HEY! How did that picture end up down here? Eh, that's OK. I don't mind ending on a gardenin' type note. :-)

See those plant tags? I could not find tags that would work for me. I had purchased the little tags that you write on in sharpie and those didn't work. They seemed to bleed every time. And if you look in the 3rd picture you can see the tall one that you write in pencil. Those don't work the pencil fades off. Pen fades off, and they break, too. Not to mention that the large markers don't work for the little seedlings like this. Just look at that gangling thing hanging out over them. Towering over - making them feel all inferior like. That's not nice. Besides it doesn't look neat, falls over and is hard to keep track off. To top it off it blocks the light. Uh-Huh. Sure does. And, that is BAD in my book.

 I LOVE (serious here, folks) things that look neat and orderly. So I whipped up these little plant tag gems yesterday. Super inexpensive. Super easy. All it really cost me was a blister for cutting them out. How will they hold up out in the weather? I dunno. But, I don't really care either. I don't normally use plant markers in the garden so much. Once the plants are in their permanent location they stay there so I don't need to have the reminder. I will occasionally mark an area if it is something special for the kids, but it's fairly rare at this point. 

And, so with that I am on garden seedling tag high and I'm off to play with diagrams again. One can never re-plan the garden too many times!

'Till next thyme!


  1. I like your plant markers...great idea! And your Valentine roses are beautiful.

  2. I just love yellow roses, and your Valentine roses are lovely.

    I ran out of the gross supply of plant tags I bought years ago at the Miami orchid show and proceeded to panic when I couldn't find them cheap. I bought a thrift store mini blind for a buck and cut it up into plant tags. Mini permanent marker and plants labeled. And I apparently need to label them in the garden also; since I often spot something and can't figure out what it is.

  3. Tervy- Your Belgian boy is GORGEOUS!

  4. OK, so how did you know he is a Belgian???? And yup, we think he is also - Thanks!

  5. Hmmm... I can't email you but let's see if I can post a picture here. My good friend recently lost her sweet Chinook.