Sunday, February 20, 2011

My kids

There's a couple things I really love about my kids. I know we all love our kids and we have our favorite things that they do, but these are ways that they are so much like me, and ways that I want to be.
I love that lunch today was sliced heirloom tomatoes and when there were no more to hand out there were sighs of disbelief and little children were disappointed that we didn't have more veggies.
I love that the same lunch consisted of homemade cheese and apples and nutbutter and that was as satisfying to them as a Big Mac meal with fries and a coke. Not that my kids don't appreciate some fries and a sprite now and again. But then again they prefer homemade and I think that's pretty cool, too.
I love that I can catch my kids making up lyrics to songs and it includes things about how great our God is and how He gives us rain and let's us work His Earth and tend His soil to provide food, and in the very same breath say how wonderful it is to play games and swing and slide. They know what is good in life and abundant.
I love that sometimes you just reach out and smack your sister or brother upside the head and other times you kiss them, even though they REALLY don't want kissed at that moment.
I really love that when they think they have made up a really bad game it is something like pretending to be a renegade bee and running around stinging everyone with your butt. And I truly love the giggle that it incites from not only them, but from me.

See you tomorrow for Harvest Monday its not looking good for pictures. I've been in the garden all day for some spring cleaning.

'Till next time!

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  1. Kids are wonderful gifts from God. Little miracles to be exact!