Monday, February 21, 2011

Harvest Monday 2.21.11

It's Harvest Monday again! Joining Daphne again to see who's harvesting and where!

This week the harvest is a little week. 6 oz of carrots while delicious it's nearly the entire 'crop' of fall carrots. All 3 of them. HA! Oh well. I suppose eventually I'll figure out the secret to carrots. As of yet I'm thinking next fall it will be the entire packet of seeds in the ground. Then MAYBE I'll get at least a pound. :-)

I also pulled the last of the fall snow peas to make way for the overwintered rosemary and the new cucumber seeds. With the plants the remaining edible pods a whopping 4.6 oz.  So a disappointing fall for them, but enough to throw into my stir fries and snack on here and there.

3 small heads of black seeded Simpson lettuce totalling 7oz and... a few 'crawberries' that neither made it inside nor to the scale. There were also a few small garden peas that the girls popped like candy then begged for more. Those little treats don't get counted in the tally. It's nearly impossible to tell just how many little things the girls pick and eat on the run. Lets see and a small cutting of green onions for a sauce. I tried to weigh but it was less than an ounce. LOL.
There is the onion tops if you can see them hiding out in the old section before I hacked them so I could raise that section farther. Hard to believe this started out with 3 timbers high! Between the landscaping and the Florida sand we seem to be sinking. Though the sod did eat 4 or 5 inches of it.

My peas are doing very well.

I have 2 heads of the large cabbage left. They are doing really wonderfully. I'll be harvesting them soon. They are in the last small section of the main garden that needs to be raised. The temps are beginning to soar and I'm starting to see a few little holes in the bottom leaves so I know their time is limited anyhow. I do love to watch them grow. But, I still don't like eating them much. LOL
Radishes lined up like soldiers...This is the section of the garden I thought I'd raised earlier in the winter, and I did but just not quite enough. so once these are out and the spinach it will be finished and raised another 2-3 inches.

Lots and lots of work went into the garden this week. You can see in the picture above that the new wood was installed to raise the main bed. Now remember the boys were out of town so all this was just uno - me, and my girls... and that means just me and me trying to keep my girls out of trouble. I failed at that part. More in a moment. 30 bags of Cow Manure. and a load of compost. A sore shoulder and almost all the fall veggies are gone. I left a couple of the big cabbages. I just can't see cutting them when I can't sue them right away

And I end with my upside down bear. I love this. Go figure. He's such a goof.

'Till next time!



  1. I hope my cabbages turn out as nice as yours! I have never grown cabbage in all of the years of gardening...I have no excuses, I just never did. Now, I've got 8 in the garden heading up and another 12 in transplant trays getting ready to be planted later today.

  2. Carrots are challenging on Maui too - I think they grow better and faster in cooler climates. Mine take a long time to germinate and grow. Your radishes and cabbage look great.

  3. Your cabbage is absolutely beautiful. Since your not crazy about eating it, maybe you should make a batch of sauerkraut!!

  4. Everything is relative, as they say. From where I sit in still chilly Illinois, your harvest looks golden.

    I saw some pretty red-colored carrot seeds in a local store, but I didn't buy them. A lot of people seem to find them either slow to grow or a non show. Hate to give space to an iffy carrot when I could grow an enthusiastic chard plant. LOL.

  5. It may look like a small harvest to you, but it looks golden from here in Illinois. I can't say we're frozen in, but we haven't come in from the cold quite yet, either. Congratulations and enjoy!

  6. That's a beautiful carrot. Most of my carrots are weir looking this year.

  7. Kids make the best garden accessories, don't they? Love your cabbages. Who knew such a humble vegetable could be so beautiful?

  8. The cabbage sure is pretty. I love to eat it though. Coleslaw is one of my favorites.

  9. Nice cabbage and peas! I know what you mean, our beds also do a lot of sinking... where does it all go? Someone on the other side of the world must have some nice rising beds... This is definitely the busy time of the year in the garden. I love it, not too hot and buggy yet.

  10. radishes....all in a row! Your garden looks great and so do your fruit trees.

  11. Oh, just beautiful! And, I really like the upside down look on your kiddo!