Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few quick post for catching up.

A citrus problem.

I think I have a major problem and I think it's 'Greening'. At this point I believe only part of my tree has it and that I might solve the problem by getting rid of the infected part of the tree. It is after all a "cocktail" or grafted tree and only one type of the citrus has the infection. At least that's what I think. I could be completely wrong, but it's doubtful.
Here's the evidence:
Mottled/Yellowing leaves


Lopsided fruit:

Fruit not ripening entirely: *sniff*

This just completely and thoroughly breaks my little bitty heart. I love citrus, and my kids adore the stuff. It's taken 9 months for these beauties to turn orange and in that time we've waited with anticipation for the day we'd taste their sweet nectar. Now it seems we'll be lucky if they even taste like oranges, mush less if we'll ever get any more fruit off the tree.

So, if there are any experts out there - Please weigh in. I need more info. What are the chances if I take these few limbs off this tree of saving the rest of it from nearly certain demise? So far the rest of the fruit is unaffected. Limes and lemons are growing with no problems. Only the oranges are affected. Unfortunately this is the ONLY oranges we have, so I'll need to do something about replacing them in the spring. I sure wish we could plant citrus in the front. Guess I might have to plant a tiny one just to see what happens. LOL. Might be worth it if I can get away with it long enough it would get grandfathered in. ;-D

Anyway... more posts to come this week as I catch up. There's much to post about. Our first frost is here for the winter and the last harvest oft he year... not to mention some hunting and gathering....

'Till next time!


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  1. Your post reminds me of our peach crop last year. I hope things turn out better for you.