Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shaping up the main bed for spring.

The main garden is beginning to shape up. At least on paper. It's still a little shabby in real life. The seedlings are still tiny in part of the garden. But other parts are thriving and most of it (again, on paper) is filling in nicely. See!

Only problem is that in real life everything shaded in light green is 'Reserved' space for tomatoes. Empty spots. Of course they've only been empty since the frost that hit us about 3 weeks back but it seems that it's been bare for eternity. LOL. That is where I grew legumes last season and where the determinate tomatoes will go for spring.

Space for 12 plants. Should I mention how many seedlings are growing right now as I speak for these 12 spots? Well, I started a total of 50 tomato seeds...

I have had a few no shows (stupice again...) I'll get to the list in another post - but meanwhile these babies are off to a good start and will be fighting for their chance at those prized spots. :-D
So, let's go on a little tour of the main bed as see what it really looks like. Shall we?
Snow peas are growing well and recently needed a fence to support them. They will soon be climbing the poles for support. Looks like I'll have the first flowers this week!
 In between the two little rows of the snow peas I planted Kuroda carrots. They are happy in the shade provided by the peas. Hopefully soon they will take off in response to the peas nitrogen fixation. A bonus for them both, indeed.

Next is the space reserved for the 6 spring determinate tomatoes. This area held my Eastland Lima beans from May through frost. <3. These little workhorses will be coming back this year for sure and for certain! But for now it is in need of turning and adding a fresh layer of mulch. I'm also planting ground control marigolds when I get it turned and mulched. (Thanks Daphne for the seed!) So far I haven't had a problem with nematodes in the raised bed but I'm not inviting trouble and just a few feet away in the new bed I had a horrible infestation on a tomato just a few weeks ago. :-(

Ah, The poor Pink grapefruit tree, and then the sport reserved for 3 more tomatoes, and wow this is where the garden is really looking rough. Tiny seedlings and the winters frost make it seem bare but if you look close the seedlings are there, just are just lagging behind. They were planted a few weeks before the frost and were badly injured from it. Some were replanted and others have regenerated but it's taken time. It's doubtful that any more lettuce, or spinach will have time to mature this year with the temperatures that we're experiencing. I've not had good luck in the past but this year is the worst yet for bitterness and as the days get longer they will certainly go to seed. Only good thing to come of that is my herbs are fairing very well. Except basil. Cilantro is growing, Parsley, Rosemary of course. That makes me happy.  This is the earliest I've harvest these favorites.
After the Citrus and the bare area is the salad bar. ;-D Carrots and lettuce and radish fillin as fast as I harvest them here.

Then the cabbage, broccoli, and leeks (sorry it needs rotated!) a planting of baby carrots and onions finish off the bed.

At the end of the bed between the onions is this little dity of parsley that is a leftover from summer. :-) and some radishes that are a couple weeks old.
After you go around the end and come back it's peas! English shelling peas. Guess I'll try to harvest some of the onions that are closest as scallions or green onions to get a little space before they get close to bloom time. I wouldn't want the crop to be compromised because of my frivolity of not wanting to give up a few onion sets.

The earlier planted brassicas are here in the shade, where autumns heat wasn't as harsh on them. They are starting to perform well now, but I'm worried that such a warm winter won't allow the younger plants to mature.
That wraps up the main garden. But I wanted to show you whats going on over around the pool pump - 'cause its really pretty cool. :-D I planted out my 'extra' strawberries and they are enjoying the place pretty well. The kiwi vine has officially pronounced spring to be sprung. It shouldn't hurt this vine. It's not going to set fruit any time soon and frost wouldn't really hurt it anyway. It's kinda nice seeing the life come back. In just the few days time since I tool this picture the vine has put on 100 leaves!

While I was out taking pictures I went around to see what other signs of spring I saw. (Besides the thermometer!) Here are a few:

Now hopefully that bud on my peach tree is just a single blossom and the rest of the tree doesn't follow. I really would cry if I lost the fruit to a frost/freeze. It's been a long time coming and this is the first year we expect a real harvest. At least this is the first year we are holding out HOPE for a real harvest. *fingers crossed*

Now that the bed is sorted out for Spring - I'm just ITCHING to get the seeds out and get things in the ground. The weather is teasing me and it seems too perfect to wait another 4-6 weeks to plant. Maybe I can find some pots on sale somewhere? LOL I guess it's good that the cool weather plantings are not mature yet. Otherwise, I'd have no excuse not to start some of those bean seeds, zucchini and other warm weather friends!

'Till next time

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  1. Everything looks so nice! Your pea patch is fantastic! Love the bee in flight, too.

    We're starting to bud out here too...and it's much too early...I know we're going to loose our almonds to frost..I'm a nervous Nelly...we have 800 acres of almonds and last year we lost a ton of trees to high winds.

    Oh well, Mother Nature does as she pleases.