Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Just a side note- my Harvest Total for the year of 2011 is complete at 315 pounds.

I'll be taking down all the stats to start over next week with the next Harvest Monday post. (I WILL post, I promise!)

Garden Tally 2011

  • Basil 1lb 5oz
  • Bell Peppers 3lb 15oz
  • Blackberries 2lb 6oz
  • Blueberries 6lb 3oz 
  • Brocoli 4lb 1oz
  • Cabbage 19lb 2oz (5 heads)
  • Carrots 8lb 7.2oz
  • cilantro 4oz
  • Citrus 36lb 10oz
  • Corn 4ea 
  • Cow Peas 1lb 5oz 
  • Cucumber 15lb 8oz
  • Dry Beans 2lb 3oz
  • English Peas 3lb 10oz
  • Figs 4ea
  • Grapes 1lb 2oz 
  • Green Beans 19lb 11oz
  • Greens 7oz
  • Herbs asst 1oz
  • Hot Peppers 5lb 15oz
  • Lettuce 4lb 14oz (6 heads +baby greens)
  • Lima Beans 4lb 8oz
  • Mulberries 2lb 6oz
  • Okinawan Spinach 5oz
  • Onion 6lb 13oz
  • Onions green 2lb 1oz
  • Peaches 6lb 3oz 
  • Pecans 72lbs 
  • Radish 2lb 6oz
  • Rosemary 9oz
  • Snow peas 9.9oz
  • Spinach 2lb 4oz
  • Strawberries 2lb 14oz 
  • Sunflower Seeds 14oz 
  • Tomatillos 7lb 13oz
  • Tomatoes 25lb 12oz
  • Watermelon 3lb 
  • Winter Squash 15lb 14oz 
  • Zucchini 20lb 14.4oz 
  • ZZGRAND TOTAL FOR 2011 ** 315lb 12oz
No meat is included in this- only veggies and fruits!

Oh- and the nursery in Alabama also supplied a few new trees for the property up there as well - incuding 2 Granny Smith trees for my girlies. They are my favorite apples, and well - we just hope to get a few off the tree each year. I can't wait to watch the trees grow and mature with the kids. I know we have apple trees here, but we don't have the intention of keeping this property long term so it's a pipe dream that we'll see any REAL crops from these trees. Besides apples just grow better up there.



  1. Holy cow, 72 pounds of pecans; and your citrus and cabbage! Very nice haul for 2011. We couldn't dream of that kind of variety. Happy gardening in O-12

  2. I do love the idea of harvesting pecans - yum!