Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Impulse buys...

An impulse buy led me to seed potatoes.

I ran across them at the local feed store. I thought I was smart when I 'only' bought 3 pounds of them. I have been wanting to grow potatoes and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to grow them myself, organically. :-D

There are a few things that most people don't know. Things I didn't know until yesterday when I did a little more research into growing my own 'taters.  The #1 thing I learned is this:

3 pounds of seed potatoes = 50 ft row of garden space.

I only have aprox. 125 ft.

That won't quite work. LOL. Not by a long shot. So I started thinking. Hmmm....

(photo taken from Deb's blog)
Deb over at Paradise Cove grew potatoes in 5 gallon buckets... but I would need 10 buckets for that many eyes...

So I'm guessing that I'm going to be sprouting these eyes and looking for buckets all the while. I'll also be trying to think of a secondary game plan because I don't think I can talk my ever patient honey bear into letting me set 10 buckets around the porch. Especially when I happen to like sweet potatoes even more, and I already told them to put me down for 3 more pounds of another variety. OOPS!

The cost was less than the catalogs, and there was no shipping. Think this goes against my seed purchase? Nope.  Rich happens to like the idea of taters. That is until I tell him about those buckets....guess it's a good thing we'll be eating some of them (as long as they aren't green) so now we can add it to the food bill instead of against the garden tally!

'Till next time!



  1. I have been harvesting pot grown potatoes today - I job I absolutely love - it can get really addictive - once I start I just want to keep harvesting and forget that I also need to eat the finished product....10 buckets now that would be fun!

  2. That's so funny. It sounds exactly like something we would do. Can't wait to hear what game plan you finally come up with.

  3. You can also plant in large garbage bags.. or those large plastic tubs that are $5 from home depot..

  4. Mabe this will help?


  5. Liz - I can see me doing just that! I do the same with my peppers. ;-)

    Jody- It's a work in progress but once I get them in the ground there will be no going back, right?

    Brittany- hubby is aestetically stunted he wont let me put anthing out unless it looks OK. buckets were NOT a hit. He wasn't happy about that at all!

    sb - THANK YOU!!!!!