Monday, January 9, 2012

Havest Monday 1.9.2012

The first Harvest Monday of 2012. Linking in with Daphne's Dandelions of course! Well, not for everyone - but like every other year I tend to start hings out kind of slow. I'm usually in the deep woods of Alabama - just like this past year. I kinda like it there so it is a good place to be. :-D

I don't have a lot of pictures to show you for all that I got in because it was a massive undertaking and I was running around all crazy like. but these two pictures sum things up pretty well. Here are the green tomatoes, radishes, limas, hot peppers, and bell peppers!

Tally is: 7.5 ounce lettuce, 9 oz radish, 6lb 8oz tomato, 5oz greens, 9oz bell pepper, 6.75 oz hot peppers, 1lb lima, 4oz english peas, 2oz snow peas, 2.5 oz green beans, 4oz herbs asst

This is only half the pecans on my counter right now. AND I still have another  gallon bucket to finish off. I was truly hoping to finish them this weekend but other more pressing issues seemed to find themselves being taken care of.
Like this! WOOHOOO! (I may have been jealous of someones)

Now, it's only a el'Cheapo visquean over pvc and I'll be lucky if it last the rest of the winter and is able to be put back together next year , but for $69 it was a gamble I was willing to take. I'll gladly take that chance so that I don't spend 2 hours not steam cleaning my carpets again like I had to do yesterday after hauling out the coconut trees again. YIKES! Realistically all I need it to do it to hold an extra 5-6 degrees in for about 7 hours over night and that should easily be accomplished with a single strand of C-9's on the floor of the greenhouse. It's inside the pool screen enclosure which will make it convenient for pulling the larger pots into and out of as well. Not to mention now my seedlings can go out there on the shelves with the lights under them... ;-)

So needless to say that the tomatoes that were pulled out of the garden this weekend have replacements that have been  started and will be occupying the greenhouse by next weekend. Actually I started an entire flat. I figured why wait the extra 2 weeks to start my Spring seedlings they may take a little longer to grow out there after all. But not having them in my kitchen is a serious bonus!

In addition to this project the beans were all pulled along with the tomatoes. Well. I didn't have the heart to pull 2 of the tomato plants. The stems were still green so I cute them back just to see. I don't have much hope but I'm willing to try.

I lost a lot of my lettuce in the freeze as well so I really want to replant that but I'm afraid to do so right now. Trying to nurse so many itty bitty plants at once seems like I'm asking for trouble. If they all make it I get the feeling I'll be scrambling for space and then that is a whole other trouble.

Guess you won't hear a whole lot of harvest from me for a while. Everything is either small or dead or dormant at the moment. Strawberries are the only thing even trying to produce. Hopefully I"ll have them by the buckets soon!

'Till next time!



  1. Wow that is quite a harvest haul this week! The new mini greenhouse is a fun acquisition. I hope it does the job nicely for you.

  2. Wow, peppers, tomatoes, peas I'm jealous. I'm lucky to have a few carrots that I have to pry out of the frozen ground this time of year. What a great harvest.

    Good luck with that green house, I've had one on my to do list for years but I've never had a chance to get one built.

  3. Barbie you will love your little greenhouse. I have 3 that I use in the spring to get my seedling going for our very short growing season. However, I do still have to start in the house first as I would never be able to afford to try to keep the heated in the winter and the snow would collapse them for sure.

  4. That's quite a pecan harvest. I noticed they are vacuum packed. How do you store them?
    Your greenhouse is so neat and tidy.

  5. I hope the greenhouse endeavor is fun and successful!

    You have such a long growing season in Florida - that the peppers are still producing is amazing. To me, your harvest looks like a strange overlap of seasons since we never have peas at the same time we have peppers.

  6. So jealous of the greenhouse. The possibilities are endless! If you can pull such a great harvest off, like you have this week in January, imagine what you can do with that little bit of extra warm space the greenhouse will give you!

  7. Nice harvest! The greenhouse looks awesome. Hope it works for you.