Monday, January 23, 2012

Harvest Monday 1.23.12

It's Monday again. I'm linking in to Daphne's Dandelions. Make sure you stop by her place to check out what people are harvesting and how they are using stored harvests all over the world!

Today I have a lot to share. I finished the garden clean up and it feels GREAT! Of course staying out of the carrot patch is tough for me and the little bits don't make that easy for me. These little tasty treats are just that. A great little treat in the garden.
 Most of my harvest were simple handfuls of heaven. Bits of broccoli and berries as they ripened.But I also managed to gather a large salad and a few other good things, 2 pounds and change of radish a pound of greens....
oh my - it really was a productive week!
        The garden seemed happy to be giving it's bounty to me. The weather was perfect and I'm pretty sure that had something to do with it. That scares me though, because a lot of my fruit is showing signs of an early spring. I sure hope we don't see any more freezes now. :-(. Anyway. Here are the rest of the pictures!

  So, Yes my dehydrator was running a bit this weekend. I dried 8 ounces of rosemary. :-) It smelled rather Christmas like in my home. I have to remember to do that at Christmas instead of after next year. LOL.
Honeybell tangelos stole the show for breakfast, and the grapefruit got pushed to the side for a change (pink grapefruit) the key limes are HUGE this go 'round. and the Meyer lemons are showing a LOT of damage from whatever disease they have (I still think it's greening and need to find out more SOON!)

Tomatoes are turning very fast and it looks like sauce will be made by Wednesday, (forgot to get weight on those I think about 4 pounds right now)  6 ounces of Spinach, 1 pound of lettuce total for the week, GAH didn't weight the carrots again... they get eaten right away. By volume I'll say they weighed 9 ounces because that is approximately what the daikon weighs and about the same volume once cut up.  Considering how many we ate. Green onions 5oz Broccoli 6.2oz, Snap/snow peas 4oz, Strawberries 8oz. Forgot to weight the citrus. I'll measure the remaining and add 6 tangelos 2 lemon and 2 grapefruit worth.

On top of all that we had a very busy weekend so expect a few posts this week if I can get to them. LOTS of doctors appointments, and audiology appointments this week coming as well so hopefully I'll get to put everything down.

 'Till next time!



  1. I so love Honeybells. My MIL sends me a box of them every year. I just got mine the other day. Yum.

  2. What a wonderful harvest.. enjoy!!

  3. You are so lucky to be harvesting tomatoes in mid winter. I'm struggling here and it's mid-summer!

  4. I do love tangelos. I must look into getting a tree - I've lemons, limes, oranges and madarines (all dwarf in pots) but not tangelo so I'm very envious of yours.

  5. That's a beautifully diverse looking harvest. Looking at all these citrus harvests is making me feel a bit scurvy-ish.

  6. Tomatoes in January in North America! Aughh!!! I'm very jealous!

  7. boy it all looks so yummy! Can't blame you for eating without weighing! While we've been having a warm spell too, not nearly as warm as you are!