Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Just a simple post dedicated to the meat in my freezer.
Thank you deer and pig. You make my family satisfied and my freezer full.
You make me happy and well, you are yummy.

I realize that we are very lucky that we can harvest these animals the way that we do. We give to the hungry most of the meat, but these two we kept for our family. The hog meat we kept and gave most of it to my brother. He's on disability and this will help his dollar go a lot farther for the next few months. Don't get me wrong, we still have quite a few packages of sausage in our freezer as well. There is still more biscuits and gravy in my future yet!
We'll try to harvest another doe (hopefully a barren, older doe) out of the herd that needs to be taken and with any luck we'll be able to also take another boar as well. It's possible but not as likely as when it's warmer.

So - here's my post for thanking the harvest.

'Till next time!



  1. And another thing to be thankful for this meat is you know it doesn't have mad cow! Enjoy your meat - I bet it tastes fabulous!

  2. We're doing the same thing at our place. We are very thankful for the meat we've been able to get into the freezer this year. For us it was 1/3 local beef, homegrown chickens and a deer. You're very generous with your family! Enjoy.

  3. Glad you have it! We are also thankful for the steer and the deer that's in our freezer too. No pig though. That deal fell through.