Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decembers Garden state...

Seeing that the first Frost is upon us I thought I'd show you what the garden looked like - in December. These pictures are now fully 2 weeks old and it's time for new pictures only now i"ll need to wait for the poor plants to recoup from the aggressive pruning. :-)
So here is where we stand with what is (or was directly before going on vacation) going on:
The basil has gone insane (but was pulled last night after the final cut.)
Carrots are up and romaine is looking nice!                 the Anunue lettuce is looking good as well, albeit crowded.

Strawberries have fruit setting now! Early but Oh so delicious. These are some of the best I've had yet. They seem to really like the slightly acidic soil with the blueberries. :-D *BONUS*

Cabbage are absolutely beautiful, if a bit cramped.

Alliums are wet, but looking good still for both the garlic

And the onions as well.

Daikons are coming along nicely. Rich says they taste like waterchestnuts, kinda. LOL

Spotty germination on the snowpeas, don't know why - and the spinach is a little light. I think it's time for some fish emulsion. The babies look a little hungry!

  The garden peas are coming in droves. This is good because they are our evening snack. We eat these like popcorn while watching TV at night. Also in our salads. I don't think they've ever made it into a side dish. Teehee.

Since the freeze warnings are up- we are officially loaded with - TOMATOES>..... Wahhhh... I'm all but crying at the thought of losing these sweet gems. I did pull in about 10 pounds of ready to turn maters. I'll weigh them and put them up on Harvest Monday soon. I feel like a slacker, but on this Monday I spent the whole day IN the garden getting ready for the freeze and taking out anything I could to save in the kitchen. *sigh* The tomatoes with size where one of my main goals. I also dug up 2 plants and potted them to bring inside as well. Young plants that just bloomed. I don't expect to keep the fruit, but will be happy if they bloom again in a couple weeks and hold their own long enough to get me some new fruits by spring! 

Pomegranate tree is in full bloom right now. Not sure what it will do to the tree- but this single fruit was taken in for consumption prior to the freeze degrading it as well. I was a busy gal yesterday I'll tell ya!

Found these little critters in my garden, too!

Oh, since I was taking out so many things from my garden - I finally did take out the hot pepper plants I felt the need to put something back into the garden as well. I found a fantastic nursery in Alabama while we were gone and I wasn't brave enough to bring back much, but blackberries are so strong I just knew they'd make the week long trip and be OK. They are dormant now and are bare root anyway, so I am hoping for the best. 3 thornless canes are being planted and I'm digging up my existing 3 thorned canes. Wish me luck! I'm thinking about putting them OUTSIDE the fence! (shhhh) Oh, they are Ouichita and Triple Crown. I'm suddenly looking forward to Summer, and that is not something I do very often!

On to the next set...

'Till next time!



  1. Very nice!! I just spent the whole day in my California garden. I worked in plenty of compost and will start planting later this week. I'm sorry you may lose those tomatoes to the frost...crazy me would have an electric blanket on them!!! ;)

  2. I spent time in the garden yesterday too. I have so many tomatoes (for once) that I may have to cook and freeze some. I put down Xmas lights and covered the maters and peppers. Maybe pie in the sky thinking - we'll see.