Monday, January 30, 2012

Harvest Monday 1.30.12

The end of January is upon us!
It's hard to believe, but it's true and our normal 'last frost date' is only 5 weeks away! Our forecast has nothing below 50 degrees and if I had space I think I would be jumping the gun. But - I don't happen to have many places that are open for planting right now so while I might want to jump the proverbial gun I can't. There will be no direct seeding beans any times soon even though every bone in my body is aching to do so. The bright sun shiny sky is glistening and calling me out to it's warmth. If my lettuce gets any more bitter though - I may be tempted to yank it out and plant the beans instead! HA!

OK onto the harvest. That is after all what this post is for. This weeks harvest is all about the Daikon!
Just look at those roots! The carrots are normal sized carrots! I mean the bowl isn't small - not by any means. It's actually a rather large serving bowl. Shoulda seen them babies all cleaned up and gleaming like a shiny new car. :-) Made Ma all kinda proud. I also got some broccoli, a few snap peas, carrots, spinach, strawberries, and just enough lettuce for a couple side salads. I've really got to take better pictures.

Linking in with Daphne. Sorry it's late. Had to take one of the kiddos BACK to the ENT today (YEP, I did take them ALL on Friday) Seems we will also be going back on the 9th and we are looking at a third (final???) surgery for her sometime soon. Details forthcoming when I get them.

'Till next time!



  1. Wow, look at those long daikons, how deep is your bed? Nice harvest. I like your header photo, it's very pretty.
    Our first frost is 2 1/2 month away, still long ways to wait, I'm aching to direct sow some seeds also. Nah, Mother is full of surprises now-a-days, don't dare to chance it now.

  2. Your daikons look tender and lovely. If your lettuce gets bitter stir fry in a bit of oil with garlic and shallots or chop and add to soup like you would escarole.

  3. What is Diakon. I've never grown it before, I'd love to learn more! Your harvest looks great!!

  4. I wish we were weeks away from the last frost. maybe I should move. hehheh beautiful harvest!

  5. Those Daikon look like dangerous - particularly the long skinny one, not something I would want to see in my 2 year olds hand....he he he... how were you injured madam? Well I was attacked by a 2 year old brandishing a daikon. It just doesn't sound good does it? Much better you enjoy them. Actually I do like the taste so maybe when he's bigger....

  6. Congrats on those beautiful Daikons! They are huge!

  7. Those Daikon radishes are definitely impressive. How do you like to use them?

    Hope everything goes okay with the surgical procesure.

  8. you must have nice loose soil without rocks to get such nice roots!

  9. Wonderful looking harvest! Makes me wish for spring. :)