Monday, March 28, 2011

Harvest Monday 3.28.11

Happy Harvest Monday!
Linking in to Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday. Macke sure to stop by her place to check out everyones info on what they are harvesting and how they are using their harvests! It's spring and things are really starting to perk up.
My harvests are starting to diversify. This is good news. Even better news is this -
IT's RAINING! It hasn't rained here in a month, and I am so glad to say that not only is it raining today -there is a chance of rain ALL WEEK! Whoot! Of course after jsut a few days of rain I will be ready for the sunshine again. But, for now I am celebrating the rain, and so are my plants.
This weeks harvests includes a bunch of green onions, strawberries, english peas, lettuce, spinach, radish, broccoli, carrot (not plural HA!) and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten something - but here are the pictures that I remembered to take...
I also harvested this: A bowl full of tabasco babies. These were just the ones that were in with the tomato plants. Not all through the garden. These little gems are being saved. OK well, not all thousand of them are. 21 are claimed already and 23 are potted in cups and slated for the Tampa Plant trade. :-)  I ran out of dixe cups believe it or not. But, never fear, ANYONE who wnats them is welcome to them. My garden seems to have plenty for all who want them.

Here are some of the things I am doing to use my harvests:
Pizza Fresca
Breakfast Quesadilla's and fresh Coleslaw

I am wondering where the rest of my pictures went, but meanwhile these are what I have. Not everything managed to make it into the pictures, and low and behold I forgot to weigh most of the harvests. I've got to start remembering now that things are ramping up again.

Check in tomorrw- 'cause I've got a (small) project to unveil and a few pictures to share of what is blossoming in my garden this week.

Did I mention it's raining!? WHOOHOOO!!!!

'Till next time!



  1. I get so jealous of all you people who live down south at this time of the year. I'm still hoping to plant soon. The weather needs to warm. Every night the ground freezes solid. It shouldn't, but spring is coming late.

  2. Your harvest is beautiful! Definitely would love to try that pizza!!

  3. Oooh, coleslaw! I've got cabbage plants ready to plant so it won't be long.

    Good to hear you got rain. I know it's always welcome when you need it, especially after the drought we had last summer.

  4. So glad to be finally getting some rain just north of you too. Your pizza looks awesome...if I may use that word!

  5. The garden is really going to appreciate that rain! Lucky you to have some fresh strawberries!!

  6. The breakfast quesadilla looks awesome!

  7. If only I could ship some of our rains your direction! I would be only to pleased to do so. :D We have gotten an unusually heavy amount of precip for March and March is normally a very wet month in these parts - so I have expected to look out my front window and see an ark go by with pairs of animals on it lately! LOL!

  8. I'm so glad you got our California rain! We don't need any more for awhile! Your harvest is yummy! Your strawberries make my mouth water! And: the pizza is amazing!

  9. What a wonderful harvest! The radishes look delicious, so does the pizza! I'll check back tomorrow for your project and the flowers.

  10. It must be a great pic when I stare at a computer and my mouth is watering. Pizza, breakfast quesadillas, and slaw. Ayyyy!