Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ah, well...

A few of the things going on around here....
bug bites...
One of my children at any given time seems to have an allergic reaction to some type of bug.

Braces off..... (but not for good, and not for fun!)

But - dang, Ain't he just so handsome!

We had to go here:
 to All Children's for some tests that required his braces off.  We'll know more later. For now all we know is the poor kid has migraines, and tinnitus, and a significant hearing loss. It's one of the things that I was dealing with last week. He wasn't so thrilled about the IV part. Or the blood gushing out part.... LOL - but he made it. He did good.
Ack! So I guess That is just part of what is going on. I'm super slammed at work as well. That's good in a way because after all if I am busy it's 'job security' and all, right? Right. Just really bad timing for all of this. Not to mention seeing that beautiful smile cost me an EXTRA $650 in addition to his regular orthodontist fees.... *sputter, cough, choke, GAG*  But it will all be worth it to have him happy and healthy again.
Fundraiser weekend. Dinner Friday, Tournament for Hubby on Saturday. That only leaves Sunday for the garden. Guess that means I'm not finishing any big projects. Oh, but I've got my eyes on some smaller projects now since I know the larger one has to wait. I can't wait to reveal! WHOOT!

'Till next time!


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  1. Aw man! To get them off, only to get them back on again soon.


    However an more importantly, I hope the tests turn out okay.