Friday, April 1, 2011

Tuesday or Friday?

Is it Tuesday? No, I suppose it isn't, is it.
Work got in the way I am both sorry and glad to say. Better work than major personal problems!
So my little project in the garden this past week. It's only 1/3 of the way finished so far but being 1/3 finished means that one planter is done!
In addition to the planter this beautiful little plum tree is gracing our yard. We are as far South as I would dare to plant a plum. I suppose it will not always fruit due to our slightly too warm winters, but even if it bears alternately I'm certainly willing to baby it along. In no time it will catch up to my peach trees and with any luck in a few years it will be consistent.
The planter will be copied and continued around the peach trees and avocados that are not inside the main garden as well. 

The planters are a rectangular shape and each end will have a 1 foot planter that will be a salad garden! I will use the shade of the trees in the spring and fall to extend the crop and the sun once the trees shed their leaves in the winter to nourish my lettuces and carrots.

:-) I've been trying to find a way to grow more lettuce for longer periods of time and I did find another way to accomplish this, but creating these planters and using them in this manner will do much better. Only thing I didn't think of was what in the world vegetable wise would grow there in the hot and humid summers that wouldn't compromise my fall through spring salad crop. Hmmm... 60-75 days for full maturity and has to do well in super heat and humidity. Must think ...

The rain was insane. We nearly floated away. I lost broccoli, and peas, trees, and pots, and in my yard lies some one elses tree! But 8" of rain also managed to push EVERYTHING to blossom. But, due to technical difficulties I will have to post those later. :-(

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