Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh my, a shiny new award!

Thanks Cortina Creek Farms for passing on the blogger award. And now it is my turn to pass it around!
Apparently rules are meant to be broken Annie's Granny already made up her own but here are the ones put forth so far:
1.) Divulge 7 things about myself that most people may not know.
2.) Play the award forward to 15 other bloggers. Um, OK so I'm changing it to 5 so that I don't have to watch every single one of my blogidy friends get the award twice over. :-) Besides I'd rather watch how they all end up with it through the grapevine anyway! :-D

All about myself:

1.) I consider myself an medical oddity. I have had no less than 6 major surgeries in my lifetime. I can't tell you if I've had more because I've now lost track. I'm claiming senility even at this young age. I actually had to have the same surgery more than once. Go figure.  I also have been in the 'Less than 5% of the population' category more than once. So yep. Medical oddity.

2.) I am a true Southern Belle. I was born in the deep south. Transplanted to Hawaii (Army brat) where I lived a short stint through Kindergarten and learned how not to drown, and then moved back to the heart of the deep South. Please, please don't take offense to this next statement. I love to travel, but don't ever move me North of the Mason Dixon line. Heck, for that matter don't move me North of Southern Georgia/Alabama/Louisiana. My Southern soul would break in two. Don't get me wrong a Texas drawl or will make my heart leap, but the pounding of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in the sweltering heat - they make my world go round. The Pacific is way too cold for my blood!

3.)  got my first job at the ripe old age of 13 and I've had some really strange jobs. Never until the last 5 years did I only have one at a time! I was a....
Pet Shop Worker (5 years)
Sub Shop chick (technical I know)
Veterinarian Assistant (7 years)
Dental Assistant (5 years)
Fish collector (live)
Aquarium Specialist (see above)
Wedding Coordinator
Warehouse stocker (Forklift operator)
Oil Sales Person
Business Owner'
and I am now the Human Resource Manager/Environmental Manager for a large oil company in Tampa Florida. I also would like to point out that out of all of those jobs I worked with my now husband (of 16+ years) at 4 of them. :-) And we were not even going at at 2. HA!

Let's see what number am I on? Oh!

4.) I never dyed my hair until after I had my first child. When I was pregnant with him my hair changed colors and everyone asked me if I stopped dying it because of the pregnancy but it wasn't that at all. So, after I had him I started and I have never found a color I like. Now every time I color my hair I just grab a different box. I'm never happy with it, so I change it every time. If anyone has a suggestion other than to go to a stylist - I'm all ears, er - hair follicles?

5.) While I REALLY want to live a self sustainable life and have no problem now harvesting my own meat, I was a vegetarian for 6 years. During this time I was scheduling my wedding. After a lot of discussion I had chosen one simple (nearly smelless) meat that would be served to those that wanted it. MUCH to my horror at my wedding my (TO THIS DAY) most hated meat of all time appeared! The caterer apparently took it upon herself to take pity upon my meat eating guests. I'm still really ticked off at her. Can you tell?  My eye is twitching now.... I have to go lay down. *sigh*

6.) I commute. Like REALLY commute. Did I mention earlier that I've worked 4 jobs with my hubbers? Well - this is one of them! I hired him about 3 years ago. It's a decision I definitely do not regret. At least now I get to spend time with him even though I do not see him at work. We commute together most of the time. Currently there are a lot of big projects going on so our commuting together is out the window but it will get back to normal. Under normal circumstances we ride together for 3 hours a day 1.5 hours am&pm (but it's only 48 miles!!!) 4 or 5 days a week. It's really nice to be able to talk.

7.) I blog from work. But don't look down your noses at me! I blog via email! I only have to log in to move pictures around if I have more than just one or two. But, a post like this is something that I work on for a minute here or there and just hit send whenever I'm ready. No prep work and very little time spent not working. Usually I'm on hold on the phone. Elevator music....*joy* I also blog from my phone because it's just sending an email so sometimes I'm actually in the garden when I sna a pic and send a snippet in. Of course that is when I almost always have typos because I don't have (or maybe just don't use) spellcheck on my crackberry.

So that was WAY more long winded than it needed to be! Here are the bloggers to which I shall send the award to! Ready?
Hopefully you are still awake after all that!

Trailer Park Queen
Edible Yard Homestead
Big Oaks Farm
Life on a Southern Farm
The Corner Yard

5 great blogs to sink your teeth into. :-) enjoy!


  1. AHA! A fellow rule breaker ;-)

    I gave up on hair dye about five years ago. I'm old, and I earned every one of these gray hairs. Mr. Granny would prefer a let him go find one!

  2. I went a year without coloring my hair...walked pass a window...saw my reflection...went to the drugstore and grabbed a box of something that sorta' looked like my old hair color...I had seen my grandmother looking back at me through that window!