Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Balancing Act

It's all a balancing act. Isn't it?
The sun shines brightly and it can be a beacon of hope, or a blinding light. We teeter like Kate here on the bricks a cool breeze on our backs. A good stiff wind might blow us over but we continue on balancing our lives like everyone around us.

Most of the time we don't even recognize that we are doing it. Much like the 'Cat in the Hat' with his dish, and his spoon, his cup and saucer, cake and candles and teapot with a fish. We've learned from an early age that we walk this way and when something knocks us off balance we blink our eyes a few times, shrug our shoulders, regain our composure and right ourselves - beginning again.
The good news is we aren't on this journey alone. We have our friends, our sisters to help us. To stand behind us.
I know I haven't posted a lot the last few days. I've honestly been kind of avoiding it. The kids have really needed me. I've needed me. I'm still dealing with a little grief. Not a loss of a person, thankfully. Medical issues. Things I feel somewhat responsible for. As if I could control anything like that. I suppose just because I have my own medical issues and now my kids have issues.

We are on a path, it's a narrow one and sometimes I feel like the sun is blinding me, and other times it guides me. The other day, I fell. My sisters helped me up. They stood beside me. Supported me. I'm so glad that even though I wasn't given true sisters that I was able to bond with and find my own, and I'm glad that my children have sisters, and brothers.

The next time she finds herself this way I know her sister and brothers will be there. I know the next time I find myself that way my sisters will, too.
This crisis is under my belt for the moment, but it is not hardly over. There will be more tests, and in the future it appears quite an adjustment. My spring garden plans are changing once again to accommodate this new venture I find myself on. I'm sure that as things firm up I'll be back to share more but for now I'm still on the bricks, all to aware of the balancing act that I am performing. I hope that the kids think of me the way that we see the great performers of the circus and don't see the reality of the heart thumping, teetering act that I am putting on and just pushing through. I'm stealing my legs, and calling on the strength of the Woman I know am.

'Till next time!



  1. Since I don't know the circumstances, it's hard to know what to say. How about some hugs...


  2. I pray that you continue to receive the support and strength that you need to get through this time.

  3. Hope your weekend is bringing you some peace, joy and balance. I'm not sure if you mean balance and falling down in the metaphorical or actual sense. After a few years of 'gee, your balance is craptastic and you are a high fall risk' - well, I just go along. And, hope to see you at Sylvia's get together on April 9!