Monday, March 14, 2011

Harvest Monday 3.14.11

Once again joining in the fun over at Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday!

This week I harvested nearly a pound of radishes, 4lb13oz head of cabbage, 3oz of broccoli, 2.5oz of lettuce, and 3 oz of spinach plus a few handfuls of strawberries...that never made it inside.

Small nod to the suddenly frantically prolific garden peas.
:-D the perfect blooms are making momma happy. The pods are popping out all over and I'm drooling just waiting for the peas to fill in the cases. MMMmmm like finding a jem!

Join on in on the fun. Link in to Harvest Monday's and show us what you are harvesting or how you are using your previous harvest!

Can you guess where the cabbage is heading? After all it's only 3 days until St. Patty's! Luck O' the Irish be with ya!

'Till next time!



  1. I'm am in love with your cabbage...and strawberries! You've had a beautiful harvest. I'm still in the house having my first cup of coffee and watching the news...overcast and cold today. I'll post my harvest this afternoon...hope it warms up!

  2. Your harvest looks yummy!

  3. Beautiful harvest! I especially like the picture of the strawberry plants! Looks like you've got quite the harvest coming to you still!

  4. I have to say, if I had fresh strawberries right now they wouldn't make it inside either! Everything looks great. That's a lovely big head of cabbage.

  5. That cabbage is a real beauty! I think cabbages are such beautiful vegetables. I did not grow my favorite Ruby Ball last year and missed it so much I swear I will never make that mistake again. Not only does it taste wonderful - but it is just gorgeous as it grows in the garden. :D

  6. Whoa, that's a nice head of cabbage, enjoy it on St. Patty's day.

  7. That cabbage looks so perfect. And I love the colorful radishes. I'll have to remember to plant lots of radishes this spring.

  8. Everything looks wonderful, Barbie! You'll have to tell me where you got your strawberries. Even though we live in Plant City, I only know of one source of bareroot strawberries that come in by mid-October, and they are usually looking pretty bad.

  9. Your harvest list is what I (here in the UK) expect to be harvesting in July, not March! I wonder what you will be harvesting in July - something sub-tropical, maybe?

  10. What a beautiful harvest. Our strawberry won't get a chance to see the kitchen as well.

  11. Lynda- Thank you - that coffee on a dreary day sounds lovely.
    Katrina- indeed. It was all gone in one meal!
    Megan - thanks yes tons of flowers and buds still
    Villager- TY - they are hard to resist!
    Kitsap it's hard to believe such a small seedlilng makes such a beautiful presentation, huh?
    Mac- thanks. Off to set up the crock tonight!
    Daphne- I hope you remember this year. ;-)
    Mary- I have had them so long I don't remember. COme fall I'll have division to share if you don't find any by then.
    Mark- I had a look back. I was harvesting dry beans, cowpeas, tons of okra, sunflowers tabascos and SOD last year!
    MK - your harvest looks amazing, too.