Monday, March 7, 2011

Harvest Monday 3.7.11

Harvest Monday, already? Linking in to Daphne's Dandelions once again. Stop on by her place to see how people are using their previous harvest, and what they are harvesting now!
I do believe I got all caught up in the bees and flowers and forgot to harvest much anyways. I had some thinning to do and made a nice salad of radishes and baby spinach and lettuces, but failed to take their portraits. I did however manage to take the photos of these behemoths.
Though they may not look that large the small one is the size of my thumb and the larger one like a small lemon. Such a pithy pity.  But also the only things I could really weigh. I spent my time this week attempting to fix sprinklers. That didn't work well. AT>ALL. I assumed that bigger was better as the smaller sprinklers were not covering enough territory and my poor little plum tree was suffering for it. Well. now my poor little plum tree is suffering for TOO much water, and it's watering the tree instead of the roots. It's also watering the neighbors yard and his oak tree. NOT my intentions by far. SO next week I'll be off to search for another set of sprinkler heads. Until then I simply have to pray that the plum can either withstand the massive sprinkler head or handwater. *sigh* Either way not ideal.

Hoping to have a better report next week. My row of radishes are going crazy and they are ready to come out of the ground so you are sure to see those at least. So come on back - ya'hear?!

'Till next time!



  1. I keep forgetting to take photos, too...and weighing! I think your radisheds are reminds me I need to plant another row...I let mine get too big, too hot and too pithy!

  2. I think that your radishes look wonderful! At this time of year, every little bit counts!!

    Good luck this week with your sprinklers!!

  3. I envy your greens! The Farmer's Almanac says I can plant peas on Thursday. I worked out in the garden this morning, and I say, "It's too cold!"

    Might plant the kale though.

  4. Those are some pretty radishes!

  5. I'm looking forward to participating in Harvest Mondays soon. Your radishes look really refreshing!

  6. You have reminded me that I need to plant some radishes! I always forget them as I just tuck them in and don't "plan" space for them in the garden. I always have the seed on hand but then space out getting them in the ground! LOL!

    Hope you find a solution to the sprinkler situation.

  7. How nice to have some radishes. I'm like kitsapFG. I never plan space for them but just tuck them here and there. If I remember to put them in.

  8. Your radishes look cute.
    Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder, I need to plant spring radishes this weekend.