Friday, April 5, 2013

To blog or not to blog?

Sometimes I have nothing to say. Other times I have so many topics to cover it's hard to know what to talk about.
Sometimes I shy away because I'm unsure of how to go about cramming so many things into the blog. Do I talk about this child today? That child? Work? Garden? Traffic? Weather? This craft? That thing I'm doing? Trip I took....
And because I can't decide my blog sits here and gathers dust. It makes me feel sorry for it. Can a blog do this you ask? Yes, it can. Guilt inducing blog syndrome. It exists. I think. At least in my mind it does, therefore -surely it must! LOL.
But seriously. There are so many times that I think to myself that I should put this on there, or that on there and never get around to it. I chide myself that I don't have anyone interested in knowing those details of my life. But, that isn't really what it's about, is it? It's about putting it out there and getting it out of my head and into the world. So, I'm doing just that. I'm going to try to get better at putting this project or that on the blog. I do notice I tend to put the more annoying things here so I'll start with my most current annoyance and work my way out from there.
OK so some random things, I know I complained about reader problems. I've found my solution. Spurred on by Granny's post I kept searching until I found the right reader for me. I really dislike the name of it, but that is not something I can do anything about. It's called FeedDemon. I'll post about it later today.
I also took my kids to the audiologist/ENT recently. I know I've talked about their special needs before. But, to me they are just my kids. I hate the label and I only think about any of the issues that any other them have whenever I am faced with this issue or that. I was faced with another one of these issues at this last appointment. Well, I suppose I should say I knew about the issue, it was just thrust up in my face and left to dangle there. (joy) 2 out of my 3 kids have hearing issues. It's no secret. I actually thought that this trip may have resulted in my oldest getting a hearing aid. I expected it. But, they didn't do that. Instead they said the same thing that they've been saying the last couple years. 'Come back next year and we'll probably fit him then.' I walked away feeling someone confident with this as I have heard it now for a while. Off and on since he was an infant really. But this time he was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss, not moderate or mild any longer. The doctor had explained that because his loss was almost entirely in the high range it wouldn't affect his speech hearing that much...THAT MUCH? As a teenager taking high school courses just a little is too much! So the more that I think about it and the more research I do the more upset I become with this decision to wait yet another year.
I'm going to seek a second and possibly a third opinion. I want my son to have the best chance for success. I don't want him to feel different, but I do want him to be able to understand those around him and not have to be embarrassed by that. He can always grow his hair out if he wants to hide the hearing aids, right?
Someone feel free to chime in here. I feel so torn on my decision! Teenage angst or better hearing? Wait another year until he's past his 9th grade and already settled into a High School? ARGH!
OK, so then I've also got this little sewing project I did. I turned this skirt that was way too short into something usable by  teiring it with the bottom of a shirt that was too small... smart way to reuse clothes if you ask me. :-)
See the extra layer I added? It fits my long legged girl SO much better now~
My beans are sprouting that I planted last weekend, it's raining outside, and I've got some other projects in the works as well. Some really major ones. We've got a really big garage sale coming up in 2 weeks. After that you'll see the big projects start. We're moving the kids rooms all around.
Rich and I are also starting to look at house plans for Alabama. We can't do anything yet, but we are looking. Trying to settle on what would work for us and give us the flexible space we may need for kids coming and going from college and what we may need in our retirement years as we don't want too much space then. It's rather interesting trying to get the right mix of space! The main reason we are doing this now is because of how much of the homesteading we are doing ahead of time. We've been planting a few trees each year trying to get the orchard planted, the blackberry brambles are in place now as well. We want to  put in the shed that we will eventually turn into the chicken coop and  start working on the areas that will be fenced in and... well you get the picture. Unless we know roughly where the house will sit we can't continue to do too much more work with permanent/semi-permanent structures.
See, I told you I have too much to talk about. I still have only scratched to surface. So, I'll try to blog more consistantly and try not to let the Harvest Monday post be the only post throughout the week.
See you soon!


  1. Whew, I was afraid you were going to say the blog was ending! I don't comment often, but I read every word. I'm glad it will be more often, rather than not at all :-)

    On the hearing aids.....what does your son think? He's the one who would have to wear them. He might balk right now, then be more receptive when he's a year or two older and finds the hearing problem more difficult than accepting the devices.

  2. HAHA Granny, when I saw you commented right away I thought to myself... OH NO! Maybe she didn't want me linking back to her blog. LOL I suppose I should have asked first and I hope you don't mind.
    Troy doesn't give me much of an idea of what he REALLY thinks. He just sort of is a teenager about it. Mumbles and looks away. I don't think I'll get his real feelings until it is too late and he is either yelling at me or thanking me. :-(