Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Is it Groundhogs day or something? I swear it's Monday and not Tuesday.

Yesterday I was so busy I nearly forgot Harvest Monday and it seemed more like Friday than any other day. Now today here it feels like Monday. Go figure. My week is all whopper jogged.

I just wanted to report that I have gone insane. That is all.

What do you mean you already knew that?


Small garden update...
Remember these beans that were mislabeled?

Yep. Well, it turns out it didn't matter that they were not labeled right. I should have eaten them instead of planting them. They never sprouted. Not a single one. Figures. I got suckered. Just wish I could remember which seed company it was.
It rained and it poured and it thundered last night. The kids came running into our bed and snuggled up. I just don't get that. I sleep so well through the storms. Why do kids freak out? Why does our calmness not carry over to them? It never seemed to bother them until last year. Now it guarantees a sleep less night rather than a sleep filled night.
But the rain - oh so glorious. It mostly stopped for our long commute. If it hadn't I wouldn't have been so happy about having so much of the wet stuff. It does tend to bring out the crazy in the local drivers. Being Floridians you'd think most of us see it daily, but apparently not. *snicker*
Things are coming together for the 'Game Cleaning Station' that will be prepared on the Property in Alabama. So far we have the electrical wire, a new stainless utility sink and a stainless prep table. Unfortunately the work is the hard part. That starts in a few weeks and will be spread out between this next trip and 4th of July.
Wish my honey luck!
See you soon!

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  1. Maybe you got your beans from the same company where I bought my pea seeds. I paid $4 for a packet, and 1 sprouted. One pea vine. Now it's too late to replant.