Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FREE! You move it.

HA! If you could. You are welcome to it.

FREE Mulberry tree. YOU move it! Ever bearing. ALWAYS gives plenty of fruit. You'll get sick of it. (Trust me) Excellent for feeding chickens and birds if you have a flock. Will attract squirrels, wild birds, butterflies, other assorted critters. Will also attract people that are curious and/or want to steal your berries. Don't worry. You will have plenty to spare.

HEALTHY tree. Can't keep the stupid thing in check no matter how much you trim it back.Fruit in zone 9 from Feb - May or June and then from Aug - Dec. Prepare to be inundated.
Great for the compost (from cutting back, the fruit tastes fine)
Drawbacks include:
Kids like to get mulberry juice on their clothes - it STAINS
(See pic of my fingers after picking them and moving on to blueberries)
It also makes the birds who eat the mulberries - well, their poop turns mulberry colored, too!
Lovely, right? You should see my fence!
And last but not least, The fruit, if you should tire of picking a few cups every.single.day. for months on end? Well. the birds and critters can't keep up with it, so it winds up on the ground

It stains the sand in the sand box pink... well that is kind of cool, but see the first complaint about the kids clothes. It also gets all into the mulch where it is impossible to pick up. That means we are stepping all over it. Guess what THAT means? It means we are inevitably staining up shoes and/or rugs as we traipse back into the house.
So you see I am kicking myself in the head for putting in this lovely tree. It gives me fruit, for which I am thankful for - for about 6 weeks. Then I am annoyed. It makes me wonder what I could replace it with. That tree does offer me a LOT of privacy for the window that it is in front of. I just wish I had planted it somewhere else in the yard. :-( 
Another case for making absolutely sure that you are putting the right plant int he right place. This plant is NOT in the right place. If it had been place in the back with the other fruit trees, or int he front yard along the fence it wouldn't be on my nerves. Instead I fight with it and the kids lose their playground for a few months a year. Not fair to them.
So- FREE mulberry tree! Come And Get IT!
See you soon!

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