Friday, April 5, 2013

My new feed reader :-)

So far I'm pretty darn happy with it, and I haven't even subscribed to the 'real' reader yet. I don't know if I will. This reader fits my style and while the paid reader will also incorporate boards that I belong to and social networking I think it may get awfully confusing at that point. That's not to say I won't reconsider in the future, but for now I like it just as a reader.

So, May I introduce you to FeedDemon?

Here is the screen shot of what I see when I first open it up:

It has several options at this point. I can either click on the articles I want to read, mark as read, or manually browse them by selecting where I want to go by using the lists in the column. No matter how I open the articles I want to read, once I do they look like this:

Of course if I really want the full effect I just click on the title of the blog or the topic of the day and it will take me to the blog itself. That also allows me to comment when I feel my voice is necessary.
Yum, just look at that dried fruit and roasted nuts. Be still my heart. <3 Yes, this is why I blog and why I can't NOT read everyones blogs every. single. day. I might miss the Holy Grail of recipes! I might miss what someone planted, or harvested or who's kid scraped their precious knee and got a boo-boo, who is down on their luck or on cloud 9? I can't leave these article unread! It's up to me to save the world. ER, Uh - READ the words!
OK, so that being said the reader offers several views. Once I've picked around sometimes I switch over to this view. I like it because it offers articles form more sources across different topics. If I leave it in the original view it only shows me the current blog I'm reading usually.

Now, I understand that there are a gajillion (it's more than a gazillion) and one of these readers out there. I tested out 4 or 5 of them for myself and this one fit the format I was looking for the best. It does have a lag time of about 20 seconds to a minute after you open it up to update all of your feeds that is a downfall to it for those of us that are incredibly impatient. But, it has it's upsides, too. Unlike Google Reader it operates independent of your browser so once you've opened it and it has synced your feeds you can go back to them at any point in your day without having to move around any web pages or even having to open your Internet browser if you don't want to. For those of us that have certain restrictions on when and where we are reading (work/gym, etc) this is GREAT! It means I can put the blogs on my Kindle at home and take them with me and read throughout the day. YIPPEE!!! No Internet needed.
So that is my new feed reader. I'm still watching out for others opinions, but I'm pretty sold on this one.
May I jsut say once again, BOO Google Reader! And, I fully expect a paid version of Google reader to come out just in the nick of time for those procrastinators. LOL.
See you soon!

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