Monday, April 15, 2013

Harvest Monday 4.15.13

Tax Day. Have you harvested those yet? We have ours done. We didn't get back nearly what we have in years past, and according to our accountant we will get back even less next year. Oh, joy! :-(  Ah, well - no use worrying about that now.

I'm linking in once again to Dahne's Dandelions. Be sure to stop by her place to see what people are harvesting from all over the world. Thanks Daphne for hosting, once again!

This weeks harvest included massive amounts of peas. The snap peas and the shelling peas were very abundant. I also harvest a few jalapenos, blueberries, mulberries, and the first carrot thinnings of the year. They seemed to grow much faster this year than in the past.

Here are the few pictures I got:

Tally: 4oz Blueberry, 1lb shelling peas, 8.3oz snap peas, 1.5oz Jalapeno, 1lb mulberries (I quit weighing them), 6oz radish.
Went to Silvia's this weekend and then came home and had some swim time. It felt great to unwind by the pool. I managed to pick up a blush rose, a coral rose, some purple sweet potatoes, some new starts for garlic chives, a rose geranium, a red angel wing begonia and Cheryl gave me a couple pansy babies that will be gracing my desk here at work as soon as they are strong enough to be repotted. :-) So a great big THANK YOU! to Silvia for opening her home and for all the hard work that goes into the garden swaps . I really appreciate all that you do! Besides, I always walk away inspired to continue to work on  creating the environment that I really want to see in my yard for the future.
Lots of work to be done this week. Those new babies all need to be tended to, plus I have a VERY big garage sale to get ready for. It seems we are trying to sell nearly the whole garage! ;-) I'm kicking my precious car out of the garage, so you know i"m getting serious now.
See you soon!


  1. Because of your posts about mulberries, I took a hike down to the place where a mulberry tree grows wild. And I looked at it. It has mulberries on it--lots--but none of them are ripe or even close to it yet. I'll take the kids in a month or so and we will try to forage some of the mulberries.

    You have gotten me curious about them. :)

    1. Cristy -
      I always let them soak a bit in the fridge and then rinse them really well. With the birds all over them you wouldn't want to be eating them fresh.

  2. Beautiful peas, sowed my seeds in the garden, waiting for them to germinate.

  3. Beautiful peas. Sowed my seeds in the garden, waiting for them to germinate.

  4. Posted comment but it is not showing, not sure what's wrong.

  5. I envy you those peas! We have quite a while to wait yet for the first peas of the season. The pool time looks fabulous.

  6. Lovely peas... fresh peas are one of my favorite veggies! I planted some in the new garden and then discovered a rock on the other side of the bed that turned out to be a boulder. Unfortunately several little pea plants got buried in the excavation.