Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April's State of the Garden Address

It's April and the temps are no longer expected to dip below 50 degrees. Now, I could have said that a month ago and I would have been wrong. But, I actually believe it now. The new planter was sown, the lower planters have been sown that didn't have winter veggies, and I now know what did and did not make it through our few cold nights.

Things that made it through the winter include my little jalapeno plant. It has a good 10 peppers on it at a time. LOVE THAT!
 The few tomatoes that made it through are stunted a bit, but they are setting fruit! YIPPEE! I'll have fresh ripe tomatoes in another month or so. I can't believe it.


Peas are doing well from the winter.


The perennials are doing well, too. Avocados are finally a possibility on my tally list this year! WAHOO!!! This tree has only 5 on it, but it's the first year in fruit, and we had a massive windstorm not long after the fruit set. I have another tree that is flowering now and one that hasn't even tried to flower yet that is 3 times the size of these trees. I'm excited for the possibility.

The new container has Holstein beans for drying/soup and green beans, too. Its been a week now and the second leaves are beginning to show up. The lower section has Burmese okra, corn, and Lima beans coming along.

The older container has 2 cauliflower in it, potatoes, strawberries, and leeks. I was trying to figure out why this particular cauliflower is so much larger than the others and it dawned on me that this is the corner that I piled the chicken manure in to rot while we waited for the dirt. :-)

The apple tree is out of dormancy that I bought, but the ones that are int he ground are not yet this lush. The poor peach tree... Oh I don't think I'll ever have peaches again. Now that the dang squirrels know they are here it's all over with. See the fruit? This is only a quarter of what was there last week. I keep finding fruit with just a few bites taken out on the ground. It's keeps me fuming. The tree is way too big for putting a net over, so after it is done fruiting this year I may just whack it back to netting size. I'm not sure it will be good for fruit production, but it can't be any worse than not getting anything at all because of the little freaks.

Now, since these are the only pictures I had taken at the time this is the update you get. :-) But, I knew that as always if I just let it wait it wouldn't  get posted. So, I wanted to get it done. Things are looking good and Spring has certainly sprung around here. The harvests are on the upswing and the weather is beautiful. It's getting easier to spend time outside in the evenings, even if it's only 20 or 30 minutes. <3

See you soon!



  1. You are off to an awesome start!

  2. I can't even imagine having a harvest of avocados! What a dream! Your garden looks beautiful! I'm glad for some great weather on its way!