Thursday, April 11, 2013

My 'Lil Friends

I've had a few visitors to my garden lately. Yup. I'm not completely recluse. Every evening they join me for a sweet drink. We sip natures' nectar and enjoy the setting sun.

OK maybe I am still a recluse. It's a critter. A really cute critter. A really hard to see at dusk critter...
A really tiny critter
that flies really fast, and well - you get the picture.

I may not get a very good picture because it's too dark, but you understand. They seem to be addicted to my orchid tree. I'm OK with that. I enjoy watching them take turns around the flowers, darting this way and that. When they do finally perch on the tree it is all but impossible to find them sitting there - they are so tiny. They are nesting in 2 different trees. One on each side of my house. I'm good with that, too because it means I get to see them more. :-)
I don't mind sharing my garden with hummers at all. They don't steal much in the way of my fruits and veggies. I watched one dive bomb my blueberries. It managed to stick the berry and lap up a bit of juice, but for the most part I think it was after a bug that was there and the juice was an added bonus. 

All along the front of the fence I have hibiscus, in the center of the yard spirea, along with other flowers and on the walkway ginger, azalea, and iris line the way. I'm not sure it's the perfect mix, but they apparently have enough around to keep them here. Perhaps I'll gather just a few more butterfly and hummer friendly plants to keep them coming back more often. I've seen them around before, but never more than passing through. Knowing there is not one, but two active nests in my tiny yard is exciting.


See you soon!


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