Monday, April 30, 2012

Harvest Monday 4.30.12

April is on it's way out. This is the last Harvest for April, and it seems like it just got here. This Spring is nearly done here. The bugs are out in full force by 10 am yelling up a storm announcing that it's too hot to be out. Yet if it's the weekend I'm braving the heat sweating my booty off in the sun. The nights are still strangely cool thanks to the cold front that came through last week, but the highs in the daytime are hitting 90 religiously now and there is no more turning back I'm afraid.

The garden is starting to show the heat stress already and the humidity is in full force now. Fun times the next few weeks!

This weeks harvest:
Mulberries continue to come in at 2 cups (1lb 6oz)every day or two,  or whatever I feel like picking at the time. 3lb 5.6oz green beans, 3lb 2oz onions, 1lb 5oz carrots, 4lb cabbage, 5oz parsley,  6oz broccoli, 4oz strawberry, 5oz blueberry.
a bucket of parsley for drying and chimichuri sauce...
A few zucchini blossoms, I only get these on the weekend when I'm there to go out in the morning.

Oh and the best of all- a pool that is FINALLY ready to swim in... Did I show you this already? I apologize if I did - but it is VERY exciting news around here!

This is probably the best news so far. It gets the kids approval for sure! ;-)

Off to check my seeds and see what type of cowpeas I'll be trying this year....

'Till next time!


*ETA* Linking in to Daphne's Dandelions - I'm so embarassed that I forgot!!!! Don't you forget!!!


  1. You are off to a GREAT start to the harvest season!

  2. Wow 90's already, we hit 85 one day last week and thought the world had ended. We are use to 65 to 70 this time of year so 85 was a hot one! Lucky for us a cold front came through and we are back in the 70's all this week!!!!

  3. Your harvest is so varied and lovely. I am absolutely drooling over those cabbages! They are picture perfect.

    It has been very cool and wet here, but this upcoming week, Missouri is supposed to get into the 90's, too! I need to go into defense mode to be prepared to deal with all the insects that are going to wake up.

  4. There was a possibility it would hit 90 here today. It would tie a record high. Welcome to summer!

  5. wow what a harvest! We're hitting the 90s too about 6 weeks too early, that's for sure! I'm already having to water a lot, wondering what July will bring...

  6. What a delicious variety of harvest. That pool looks very inviting.

  7. Hi! You are lucky to be harvesting. I don't have a lot planted yet. Rained today so disappointed I couldn't garden. Enjoy your pool I have just started a garden blog this year. Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

  8. Your pool looks great - a decent length. What do you do with the dried parsley?

  9. Beautiful harvests. And a lovely pool. My kids really wished they had one when they were around.