Monday, April 23, 2012

Harvest Monday 4.23.12

Hey hey hey! It's Harvest Monday again. Well, What do ya know? Monday's tend to roll around pretty quickly around here. Joining in over at Daphne's Dandelions once again. Don't forget to stop on by her place and see what people are harvesting from all over the world!
This weekend was a rain filled one. It started Friday and didn't end until last night. It was certainly good for our parched Floridian soil. Most of our local wildfires are out, but I haven't heard yet about statewide. Hope to hear from other bloggers soon. At my house we got only a little over  a quarter inch Friday, 1.5 inches Saturday and close to another inch yesterday. You'd think we'd be drowned in that, but our sand wicked that up lickety split and it was dry as a bone this morning. Windy and cool with a high of only 74 today. It actually feels like Spring! Woah - weird for us. This whole weekend is strange for us. The temps never got very high and it is always odd when the skys don't turn blue after a rain shower. Normally rains only last a few hours tops. Even the times when I report several inches of rain it is typical that that accumulates extremely rapidly.

This week was a good week for me again. I pulled the rest of the beets and turnips so they are done for Spring. The green beans turned on production this week, Some broccoli, strawberries, the potatoes of course, some carrots, a green garlic some green onion as well. But, some how the tomatoes (just a couple romas) blueberries and cucumbers keep slipping out of my pictures. I'm not sure how I manage that! Here are the pictures I do have:



Ah, I do love living in Florida this time of year. Soon I'll be cursing the okra, and cow pea - lucky to have a watermelon posts - but for now I'm still loving it!

'Till next time!



  1. You're harvesting potatoes! Awesome. Nice long carrots and great looking turnips. I love them for their tops mainly. Looks like you'll be plenty busy this summer once the rest of the plants start putting out.

  2. Fabulous harvest, your carrots are so long and straight, I have to be contended with the shorter ones. We finally, finally got a lot of much needed rain, but it is cold and our night time temp will be dipping into the 30's. Waiting for the weather to stabilize before putting things in the garden.

  3. Our rain is still going here and temps are 20ยบ lower than usual. Your harvests look good. I've planted carrots for the first time in this veg garden. It will be a while before I see anything like what you've pulled out of the ground.

  4. Wonderful harvest! I can't wait until our potatoes are ready - we're still at least 2 months out from potato harvest.

    Good about the rain. We also got almost 2 inches in the past couple of days - sorely needed, I might add. The soil is now happy again and the rain barrels are full.

  5. All those root veggies look wonderful! We've been getting plenty of rain around here too.

  6. Beautiful harvests! If you are getting too much rain, send it on over here, we never have enough at a time or often enough to do anything any good! I've been having to run two water hoses at a time to keep up!

  7. What a nice variety in your harvests! You seem to have a little bit of everything.....lucky you!!

  8. You've already got potatoes! Did you dig them up or is that reaching underground and pulling a few small ones? I tried reaching in my great big pot of 'taters to see if I could harvest one or two today and didn't feel anything. Ooops. I'm staying out of it until the tops die off, I guess, and hope for the best!

  9. Isn't that a roma in your bucket? The root veggies look lovely - I always struggle with carrots - my impatience gets the better of me eveytime.

  10. Enjoy the more "spring like" weather while it lasts! Beautiful harvest (again) this week. You have such a nice variety of items. Something we will not see for another month or so.

  11. SM- Yes. Actually I was thinking I would can thebeans then realized i don't have a pressure canner. Uh- WHoops! Guess I'm freezing again. I think I'll have no choice but to get a second freezer!

    Norma- TY! Have you tried the Parisan carrots? They look like tiny balls. :-D

    Marcia - Brrr.. I cna't stand the cold. I live here for a reason! I hope it warms for you soon!

    FGK- Horrah! Full rian barrels are a true blessing. Congrats!

    Jody - We are usualy dry in Spring so it's rather unusual here. THey say our summer storms will be unusually light- I don't believe them!

    Mary- It's usually one or the other here- but 2 hoses!? WOW!

    Robin- TY!

    Patricia- That was my harvest. Live and learn. The taters are straight down, not out to the side much at all!

    Liz - Yes a tiny roma. I do the same and have tiny little carrots here and there. I call them my 'test subjects'

    KFG - I am, but it's sure not to last!