Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Small Project"

I promised to come back a share a small project, so here I am. I try to stay true to my word. Small may be a little deceiving though.
Pictures are a bit uh- well non existent until I get to the finished project. Sorry. I was working alone. The hubby was off on a charity event. A tennis tournament, so I was not entirely happy - but it was for a good cause at least. Sydney's School is an amazing school for autistic kids that believes in integration and teaching kids of all varying abilities. It's really amazing what they are doing there.
ANYWAY - So since I was on my own it was rather difficult to take pictures as I was working. But I can show you a before and after picture. I did get rained out at the midway point if it makes you feel any better so I couldn't have had my camera out even if I wanted. My cell phone maybe, but not my good camera. ;-)
Here is the birds eye view of before:
I had to pull a few onions and bush beans out for this project. The onions became stir fry and fritata, and salad onions. Actually one of them is destined for today's salad and one for to nights dinner. They aren't large in the bulb area, but hey! They are long and good.
After I pulled about 6" square of space I used a post hole digger to dig 20" down against the fence. I cut a 4x4" post and I cut a vinyl post sleeve to go over it (x's 2). Then I measured 96" from center and repeated the process in the bush bean area. After I had the posts in the holes I back filled and tamped the posts in fairly tightly, and then.. I had to W~A~I~T.
Yup. I could do no more until my honey pie got his booty home and helped me out. I couldn't heft the lattice up and over the bed and hold it in place and screw it all at the same time. Don't think I didn't try. Even if I'd stepped into the bed I couldn't do it.
We got it done right at dusk. Not bad considering that I started my day at 8am. I'm pretty sure a guy could have gotten it all done much faster, but I'm not super skilled at this and I had to FIND the skill saw, get it down from it's location, locate an extension cord, CHARGE the battery for the drill... all the things that GUYS normally already know and have done. It was tedious to say the least. Not to mention that my husband seems to have the most backwards way of storing screws ever. I mean who really keeps different types of screws in a completely different section of the garage? *humph*

Ah- but it is done.
And, I'm not unhappy. I'd be happier if it was metal but my hubby is happy that it is lattice so that is good stuff I suppose.

I wasn't sure which way was easier to see so I included both views.
If the vines grow well on it I'll expand and have a second trellis (it's 8' remember) to the left of this one towards fall or at the least by Spring. If not I'll take down the lattice and have to spray paint a metal piece for it, and make 2 of those. It might mean moving the post and that would have to wait until Fall/Winter planting for sure. It nearly broke my heart to take out  those few plants. Either way at least I've got something to get started on and as of this morning I've got Asparagus beans, Daphne's Trail of tears, Dragon Tongue and Santa Anna soaking. There is no waiting for this! I can't wait to see it tried out. Wish me luck!

'Till next time!


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