Thursday, April 12, 2012

I seem to have missed a few posts.

I missed Harvest Monday. Passover and Easter, but I'm here now. so I'll try to catch up. Harvest last week was nice.

But it was a short week as we were heading up to Alabama. I didn't take many pictures - so here are the two I did take.
Wax beans, snap peas, a few garden peas, mulberries, blueberries (actually a quart of blueberries I took with me.) broccoli and an Annah that need her picture taking for helping in the garden.

We all packed up and the eldest went with his Grandparents so it made the trip a bit easier. Richard,
Annahand Kate(she was so not thrilled with the ride) all hopped like little bunnies into the truck and hit the road
What? No one told you this was going to be a pictogram? Actually I took the picture because of the whole flat surface thing. Florida sure has a lot of these roads that are straight, flat and just plain nowhere. I do love it here. :-D

This is just around Cedar Key. That is a misnomer BTW it's not a true Key as in 'The Keys' it's one of hundreds of smaller sets of islands that line Florida's coast. This particular one was nearly destroyed with the ban of gill netting back in 1995. Which, subsequently also destroyed my Dad's business and he moved into the city of Jacksonville and took a job with the  government. Their idea of  'governmental retraining'. Well, I think he got enough of that when he was injured in Vietnam, and then was retrained as a civilian contractor. Thank you very much Uncle Sam.... (I digress) Wait! No I don't! Those same fish that they think suffered from gill netting... they now are in LOWER numbers then when the ban hit in 1995! Apparently the pressure from fishing helped to ensure mating (or perhaps the pressure from the industry itself ensured that pollution was getting reported, etc) 
This little town - system of islands depends on the sea and it's few tourists as a way of life, so if you ever drive past, it's worth the 25 minute trip down to have lunch and do a little crafty shopping. OK, Now I digress.

Once we got up to the property we got settled and decided to dye some eggs, and have a little fun with them.

I think they may be the best eggs ever. :-) They tasted good, too! LOL.
Then we headed out for a little scouting -

But, it seemed that someone had different plans for me. Hunting wasn't going to be in my future this trip. I got to see some birds - and got buzzed by a hummer. I'll come back with some pictures of the pond but the import thing here is that after we came back from scouting I heard this sound.... and I followed my  senses, and found....
What could it be?What is hiding here, making SO MUCH NOISE???? Ruining any chance at hunting?

Oh, My!

How could I have said no? Just look at that face? So hunting was over for me. I could handle that. I went into town and got some kitten milk replacer and an itty bitty bottle. And, we bonded. Oh goodness did we bond.
She was hungry, and dehydrated when I found her. The next day Momma cat came around. I tried to reunite them, and it didn't work.Momma cat wouldn't take her back. But the following night I saw her again under the barn. This time I knew where she was and she knew who I was and she was acting growling at me, but not running off. A good sign. The kitten was crying and I used that against her. I sat the kitten down about 20 feet from the barn and momma cat came out and grabbed her. :-) Reunited at last. I spent 2 days nursing that kitten, and I thought I wanted her to go back to her momma. I was glad that momma cat took her back. Even all the way back to Florida, I hoped that the kitty was doing well but was glad the momma cat had her baby.
But, now I sit here and can think of nothing but this stinky little kitten. Her mewling, and purring, and.... DARN IT! I want that kitten!!!! *POUT* I think this was the last kitten she had, and I wonder if she was taking good enough care of her... and .... I WANT HER BACK.

So not fair.

I guess this is just those female hormones or Momma instints kicking in or whatever, but Yowza! Wish me luck not having my son bring her back.

'Till next time!


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