Monday, April 16, 2012

Harvest Monday 4.16.12

WOW~!  What a week. I've been sooo busy it's not even funny. That is of course a double edged sword.
The garden was wonderfully generous this week, and I have another 'first' harvest for me this week. (I'm a tease though, so I'm saving it until the end!)

Linking in a bit late to Daphne's Dandelions to join in the fun! Be sure to stop by all the wonderful party hoppers and see what people are harvesting all over the world!

This weeks harvest is chock full of pictures, and I didn't even catch ALL the harvests, LOL>

The week started with a turnip, some smallish carrots that I needed out of the bed, and some broccoli side shoots so I could pull the plant and put it out of it's heated misery. I still have a few plants, but these were the hottest plants, in the most direct sun. The mulberries are still coming at about a cup a day, sometimes more. I REALLY need to find something to do with them. We are all sick of eating them now and they just don't freeze well, at all. Mushy and gross, nick!

Midweek I had a nice glutton of some of everything.

and more mulberries

and more.....and I pulled some of the cabbages to turn part of the bed.
AND here is my 'first' harvest. :-D My first ever home harvested 'tater. *beam* I got too anxious to eat it though, and ended up snarffling down and half cooked (grilled) spud and burning my mouth in the process. It was still good. I had 4/15/12 on the calendar as the first date for harvest on the potatoes, so I dug through one of the buckets and found this little jewel at the bottom. After digging in the garden bed I was worried I wasn't going to find any. I guess I just hadn't dug deep enough, because the bucket spuds are not as far along and yet here is my first one. Four ounces of wondrous goodness. 

I'll wait another week until I dig the rest up. The main bed that the others are in the plants are withering and turning yellow so I know the timing is certainly right, but if this spud is an indicator I'd like just a little more size. Besides, there just isn't much time between now and then to 'dig' into such a project. *Snort*

Tally for the week: Blue berries: 3lb 12oz, Mulberries4lb 2oz, Snap peas 14oz, English peas(final) 1lb 3.6oz,  yellow wax beans 1lb 4.3oz, Green Beans 7.5oz,  Broccoli 2.1oz, Turnip14oz, Cuke 4oz, Cabbage 7lb 3oz,  Tomato 5oz,  Potato 4oz, Carrots 4oz, Greens 13oz, Lettuce 12oz

Thanks for stopping by for Harvest Monday!

'Till next time!



  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! You are an amazing gardener!

  2. Berries! How wonderful.

  3. That's a great harvest! We are still two months away from a harvest of this size so I'm a little jealous!!

  4. What a great harvest, those peas and beans so perfectly formed. Planted peas and potatoes, but have to wait a little longer to plant beans etc.

  5. mmm mulberries, same as any berry I imagine; jam, jelly, wine, syrup..... Wishing I had so much fruit, ah well, give me a few years!

  6. Congrats on a tasty tater! The first harvest is always the best :) Those mulberries look yummy too.

  7. Congratulations on your spud - hugely exciting! I think it shows admirable self control not having it as the first thing in your post (as I did) - you must be of excellent character. Being impatient I did of course have to immediately scroll to the bottom to see what it was....

  8. I am looking forward to getting back into daily harvests of some order of volume. We are still in the dribs and drabs and only spring greens yet. Your cabbages are very nice heads and despite burning your mouth - I bet that potato tasted good.

  9. Lynda- I hope you checked back this week to see a truly amazing gardner, she puts me to shame!!!

    Kate, they are truly wonderful I enjoy them very much but picking so many can get tedious.

    SA- Your harvests will be ramping up when mine will be little more than okra and cowpeas. Then it will be my turn to be jealous!

    Norma- TY. I can't wait to see your peas. Mine are almost all gone. Only a few stragglers left now so I'll be itching to see them soon.

    Mary- syrup- that would be perfect! They don't have muchint he way of a seed so I think that is a GREAT idea - THANK YOU!!!!

    Julie - Thanks, even half raw it was pretty good. LOL

    Liz - I dunno I don't think it was self control that I didn't finish cooking it at least. :-D teehee.

    KFG- It was a good spud. I'm hoping the rest of the harvest doesn't disappoint now. Find out soon! Your harvests will come pretty soon. The warm weather is spreading!