Tuesday, April 24, 2012


WHY ME!?!?!

Why is it that just as my peaches were starting to blush - I mean just 3 had blushed and now this week they ALL disappeared... and I got to WATCH. IT. HAPPEN!!!
It was...
The She Devil - and her offspring! The Cretans strike again! By all the peaches- I mean EVERY STINKING ONE! They didn't even leave one that I could bring in the house and try to ripen in the window sill. >:-(

I'm Angry! And, it must be the weather because Dianne had the same problem this week! Maybe it's this freaky weird weather system that moved in 'Cuz these squirrels did this the night before this system came through.

The other Why Me?  That question is this....

New born kittens.... again. NO- not my cat, again... What the heck is it with cats giving birth and then people bringing me kittens? These two won't make it unfortunately. The momma left them out in the cold last night, and in an ant pile. GRRRR... but I'll get them warm and as comfortable as possible and try my darndest.  One of these times I'll end myself up with another cat. LOL. True newborns like these two born just last night are nearly impossible to raise this way. But the one from a few weeks ago? She would have made it just fine. It's so sad when Mother Nature doesn't kick in and tell the mothers how to behave. I'm 90% sure the momma cat to these kittens is a kitten from a feral cat and not but about 4 -5 months old herself. It's not a huge wonder that she abandoned them. A shame, but certainly no wonder. So, I'm off to comfort these little wonders while they drift to another world. Bad momma kitty. Someone needs to learn about spaying and neutering!

*as a side note I wanted to post this as a PLEASE SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS not just to tick off people*

'Till next time


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