Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Garden Mom

What's a Garden Mom to do? I can take my 2 legged kids on vacation with me. But my plants have to stay behind. I can set a timer and water them daily. Those needs can be met easily enough. I'll still worry about my poor little plants though.
Some are not so little, and some seem to take care of themselves.
But some seem to need tending to regularly. Some need daily care right now. Mulberries tend to need picking daily or else the ground is littered with them. The bush is in the playground. Both insightful (the kids can pick, and eat, and enjoy right there!) and SO not insightful (the staining, the mess, the tracking!) at the same time. Yes, I think there was a better place for this - tree. It's no longer a bush. Three years time has seen it grow leaps and bounds even with massive trimmings. I'm gathering about 2 cups of berries each day from this wonderful single tree. So I am imagining that 5 days at 2 cups on the ground (10 CUPS WORTH!!!) and the outcome is scary, and rat scurrying inducing. *shiver* That is not a problem I wish to have.
I have a nice handful of blueberries coming in every day as well now, and green beans, too.
I really need to find someone who lives close enough to me and knows enough to be helpful, but not too close so they don't make a pest of themselves always wanting to take things. I don't grow enough to give away much besides greens and an occasional cabbage. LOL. Maybe a meal and of course whatever they were to gather while they were on duty as a thank you for keeping the garden in check.
*sigh* I've either got to start growing greater quantity of things so I can share more freely and get someone interested in garden sitting for me, or find someone that I can pay to do so.

What do you do when you go away?

Heading up to the Alabama property. I can't wait to see how the Granny Smith apple trees are that we planted in the fall. I'm hoping for a nice flush of new leaves, or at least some buds. Then it's time for some maintenance, and to figure out the cropping rotations this year. :-) It will be a nice break from work. I can tell you I need one right now. See you all in a few days. I'll try to stop by for Harvest Monday.

Have a wonderful and Happy Easter!

'Till next time!


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