Friday, April 27, 2012

This weeks project.

This weeks project was...

*Please ignore the grass starting to invade my decking around the pool pump here - how embarrassing*

I am lucky that sweet potatoes can live here nearly year round. But these are special sweets, these are bush sweet potatoes, these are Silvia's sweet potatoes. :-D

First I had to clear the Sweet Ann's out of the way, but my conscience took hold and a few along the back managed to stay because they are still yummy even though very few are coming off the vines now. They won't make but maybe another 2-3 weeks when the green beans next to them come out. But the kids and I eat them as snacks while we harvest and what a bad mommy I would be if the pleading and begging didn't keep the kids from taking them all out? *snicker* OK OK, I admit I like them as much as the kids do and the vines in the back were the best of the bunch so I caved and here is what was left.
After lifting the slips, and rooting them sufficiently this is what they looked like - it was due time for transplanting.

And lookie! My garden gives forth my little squirmy friends again! I just hope that the potatoes will be happy here. I know they tend to do better in Florida in our native sandy soil, but I don't have anywhere I can plant them where they wouldn't be trampled and would still be able to be harvested easily. Anyway - I just wanted to show off my wiggle worm friends again. They fascinate my kids.

And - the first transplants in. The remaining transplants are rooting (I showed the slips coming in the first picture) There will be 4 or 5 more plants to put here. I'm not sure if overcrowding will be an issue with the sweet potatoes, but it sure wasn't with the others. We'll see! Good news is I can always take out a few plants and let the others continue to develop.

I have another type of sweet potato as well that came unnamed, but it looks different so I"m going to say that it won't be a bush and I may be in trouble with that one. I might put it's slips into a pot just so I can keep an eye on it. I know they tend to ramble a lot more than some.

The garden is quickly transitioning to summer now. The zucchini has blossoms going crazy and the tomatoes are setting nicely, the berries are nearly done (except mulberries they seem never ending) the peppers are coming along a little late. The melons and squash are rambling and the onion & garlic.... well I think I may not get any bulbs this year. I may have relied a little too heavily on my new soil. I should have fertilized better. Live and learn. I'll try one last effort in fertilizing, but this late in the year it may send them to bloom. Such is life. Burmese Okra looks completely different than last years crop of Clemson. I'm loving the new look. I hope that the claims of less goo hold true - but honestly the goo hasn't stopped me from eating it, so I'm not sure why I'm worried. LOL. It's nearly time for the cowpeas to be planted and then I'll be moaning and groaning the summer blues of nothing to report again.

Off to the Blueberry U=Pick this weekend to complete the freezer stash, and someone has actually asked to come and see MY garden. *blush*.  SO sad to share it when I just got hit with a horrid case of PM on my tendergreen beans this week.

See you Monday!

'Till next time!


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  1. Things are looking good. Can't wait to see the harvests.