Monday, April 4, 2011

Harvest Monday 4.4.11

Joiing in at Daphne's Dandelion's for Harvest Monday!!!It's Monday again, and I am sad to say that all the rain did do a few bad things. One bad thing was that it took away the opportunity to take pictures. It managed to ruin a few crops. I had strawberry mush puddles to clean up. Talk about a sorry sight!
 But, mostly I was dashing in and out of storms and cleaning up afterwards.
I only managed one skimpy picture with my cell phone.
A few small heads of cabbage the very end all be all. These are the small heads that were produced by the plants that were left simply as space savers - thanks to a suggestion to leave them that they might bear smaller heads. They did just that, and quite well, too! Had the main heads been taken earlier in the year, or our cool season been longer I think these heads would have been rather impressive. As it is I'm counting them impressive because they are my little bonuses! :-D 2.5pounds worth!
Also pictured a half pound of spinach, a few garden peas, a couple radish. Not pictured is 2 heads of black seeded simpson and a colander full of Green Ice lettuce. I was harvesting the salad greens in a hurry between downpours. They were being beaten to death so I was scrambling! I also harvested a handful of side shoots form the broccoli plants, some green onions, a couple key limes, and a few shoots from the beans for a stir fry. I couldn't help myself, and it was good. YUM>
With any luck the spinach and lettuces will come back, but it is getting into the mid 80's each day now and the humidity is creeping up. The poor plants are battered and bruised and ending their life cycles early may not be out of the question. I trimmed them all back to just the inside leaves, they look pathetic. I'll clean the fish tank this weekend and give them one last hopeful feeding. *sigh*
All else seems to have survived fairly well. The zucchini plants are slightly torn but overall super healthy still. Tomatoes dropped some of there many flowers, but the set back is more in the need for tying up earlier than normal. I'm unprepared as of yet, so a trip to the store tomorrow for me! The peppers did really well and are beginning to show their first buds. To tomatillo laid down and were buried, but are no upright again. They will need tied as well. Some corn is broken - but all and all we came through very well. I did realize something I wasn't quite prepared for though. The way the yard drains - is straight into the area of fence garden. I guess it's good it was delayed. If it had been planted everything in it may have washed away. Now I need to consider the need to have a wash for the water to run out. That or be prepared to lose the plants each late summer tropical storm....So I have to design a culvert of sorts. Only problem I see is there is a fence there, so how exactly is the water going to drain properly???? URGH.

Rambling again. Sorry.

Till next time!



  1. A bunch of my strawberries turned to mush from the rain storms last week too. Way too much water at one time. Good luck with drainage issue.

  2. Sounds like you had a horrendous downpour of rain based on all the damages you described. We have been having heavy rains but not gully washers like. Unfortunately our rains are combined with cold temps so even if we do not get the damages we still get crops that stall out in growth.

    Enjoy your bounty of greens!

  3. Boy that must have been some gully-washer! So sorry for your losses. It always so frustrating when you work so hard and then have your garden almost wiped out. Hang in there, and keep on planting! The harvest you did get is beautiful!

  4. So sorry to hear about your water woes. So far my new garden is draining well. I'll find out how well it does in the first really large storm. So far we have only had large snow storms since it has been put in.

  5. Hi Barbie! It sounds like you got the brunt of the storm up there. We were in Orlando when it hit here. The garden looks fine, so it must not have been so bad.

    Sorry about the strawberries. I hope your tomato recovers - I'm sure it will!