Monday, April 25, 2011

Harvest Monday 4.25.11

Joining in the fun, once again at Daphne's Danelions for Harvest Monday!
No pictures for today, but only because it is Easter Monday and well, being an Easterwood (my last name) we throw ourselves full into the Holiday. The kids are out of school and so I am running a fe errands and catching up. We even got new glasses ordered for the eldest today.
But, I did weigh in!
3 lbs green beans managed to get weighed this week. 2lb 6 oz to the deep freeze, the rest to the belly. :-D
1lb 3oz blueberries plus I made pancakes and forgot to weigh that days berries. LOL num!
6oz side shoots of broccoli
4oz peas
5oz lettuce enough for a side salad anyway - it's starting to get bitter but still edible
2 onions @ 9.5oz
4oz green onions/scallions
1lb strawberries
and a tomato. Don't kill me. it was the first and the rest are still so green! no weight, just yum.
14oz zucchini
3oz mullberries - only a couple left now. *sniff*

I think that is it. I can't seem to get my cucumbers to pollinate for some unknown reason. This is the first year for me of this nonsense. Then again, first year with Armenian cukes and Lemon cukes and one other variety. Waiting not so patiently for my regular varieties to get going. They are finally flowering, just not females yet. So they are coming just not as soon as I would like. I'm thinking I might just have to get one of those parthenocarpic varieties and then I won't have that worry. LOL.
Ah, well I ran off and came back to find that I hadn't posted this so now that it's nearly 3pm I suppose I should post. Enjoy!

'Till next time!



  1. I usually grow the parthenocarpic cukes but this year I'm also trying the Armenian variety and White Wonder. I'm hoping there's lots of pollination going on! I'm still waiting to get my tomatoes in the ground so I can understand how exciting it is to see a ripe one!

  2. Wow, Barbie, great harvest! Hope you had a Happy Easter. :)


  3. Great harvest! Tomatoes and beans seem so far away to me. I just used the last of my beans from 2010, and now I have to buy them. My dogs both eat green beans and chicken every day, so I try to grow and freeze as many as possible.

  4. Sounds like a great harvest for you. I'm jealous! I have cucumber issues too- boo hoo!

  5. You had a very nice variety in your harvests this week. I'm sure that your cucumbers will produce for you sooner or later.

  6. I grow those parthenocarpic varieties for just that reason. I love cukes and I want them early. Waiting for them and for the bees to pollinate them is just to much for me. But I'm thinking of trying some non parthenocarpic ones.

    It sounds like you had a great Easter. And certainly a good harvest.

  7. Villager- DO you have varieties you prefer to grow? I don't even know where to start. LOL

    Mary- You too. We had a great day. Even got sent home form church wtih the identical cake that we already had at home. Was rather funny.

    Granny- thanks, I bet with Otto's tummy issues you are very careful not to upset that balance often!

    Melissa - lodge a complaint on your blog. Seems to have worked for me. LOL. Looks like I've got one set finally!

    Robin - Thanks. Sooner, hopefully!

    Daphne -WHat varieties do you use? I have never even thought to try them before this year. No bees, and no wasps this year. Wierd!