Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This weeks pictures.

Making smoothies with the mornings berries.
Soon I'll have this years peaches to add to that mix instead of frozen ones!

We make blueberry ones too - but pancakes and muffins seem to be the preffered blueberry eating meathods currently. The kids like blueberry syrup as well, but I don't make it often. It sure makes a mess. Anything it touches is purple from now until forever!

Zucchini, and onion and tomato all used for dinner in a chicken crock pot recipe. One of the few ways I eat zucchini, in a soup/stew base or in a muffin. :-D the tomatoe however used for the same dinner was NOT thrown in the pot all willie nillie, it was deligated to Caprese.... Oh how heavenly. It's what makes summer worth sweating for. Well, that and the pool time, the sprinkler fun, the Fourth of July, OK I <3 summer, I can't help it but fresh tomatoes are certainly one of my FAVORITE things about summer!

And, because I got this one in front of the camera you get to look at my Katie bug. Ain't she cute all wide eyed? I was keeping her from egg hunting until I snapped a shot so there was not a big grin to be found, but she was willing to stare me down momentarily. :-D Eh, works for me.

We won't talk about what happened later in the day when my son decided that launching a helicopter off of the top of her head was a good idea. We also won't talk about how you can't hide a clump of hair that you cut off the top of your sisters head from your Mother. Trust me. ANY Mom can sniff out a missing huink of hair from a long haired child from a mile away. *ARGH*
Ya know, I always figured my girls would cut their own hair, never figured their older brother would be the one to do it! Now we are left to decide if we should cut the rest or keep trying to hide it. Oh wait, that's right we aren't talking about that. LOL. (the hunk is about the length of her bangs!)

I hope your Easter was happy and healthy.

'Till next time!



  1. You're describing our life with kids. Everything from garden fruit smoothies to that smile refusal for the pic and wild moments like cutting hair, or generally ransacking whatever else happens to be in their line of sight. I'm following you because you're a gardener, but I'll keep coming back to your site because you're a gardener with kids!

  2. Welcome Jody! I noticed you over at Daphne's the other day. Saw your kids 'helping' with the 'taters. :-D