Friday, April 8, 2011


Well, here it is. Friday and the weekend is upon us.

It’s sweltering in the 90’s out there like it’s summer already rather than just early April. I’m not complaining really. It’s still getting down to 70 or so in the evenings and that is oh so refreshing and nice. The humidity is still climbing and soon it will be like the air is a swimming pool, but for now its still comfortable for those of us that are used to it. The garden is enjoying the weather as are the kids and I. The clouds are puffy and the afternoon rains haven’t come yet. It’s truly a beautiful time of year.

It’s time for lemonade and orange slices, mimosas and muffins, outdoors. Picnics, and sprinklers, but also time to pay attention. Time for the little cretans that invade in summer to begin their descent. For shielded bugs to show up uninvited. For wiggling green creatures that are capable of devouring an entire tomato plant in one sitting to appear from thin air. Time to prepare for battle.

So this weekend I begin my weekly spray patterns. Milk, copper, Bt, soap, pepper….not all at once of course. Every year I falter. Each year I wax and wane. I am crushed by the buggies and their ability to sneak past my best defense. But, each year I successfully manage something. I’m just hoping this year I’ll manage to remember what order to spray. So on the family calendar with the doctors’ appointments and birthday parties and scheduled events my spraying will go. All in hopes lest I forget that last year I lost the battle of the corn ear worms, the stink bugs, or the year I lost all my squash to Powdery mildew, beans to rust. I know beyond a doubt that I will fall into a gardening funk and I want that calendar to scream at me to do my duties anyway.

Thus begins the hardest part of the year. This is April, and the true heat will be upon us soon, and with the heat - the bugs and fungus that brings all gardeners to their knees. But right now? Right now, I am ready! I am Samurai Gardener! I am Warrior of Green!

How will you wage your war?


‘Till next time!



  1. I pray to the Garden Goddesses, cross my fingers and toes, and stick pins in voodoo bug/pest dolls!

  2. Love your post! I've come to really dislike Florida summers and all the bugs that come along with it. Good Luck!!!