Monday, April 11, 2011

Harvest Monday 4.11.11

It's Harvest Time. (Rather like Hammer time... duh nu nu nuh...)
Guess if you didn't live it up as a teen in the eighties that may seem a bit much but, I digress. Joining in the fun at Daphne's for showing off our harvests and seeing what people from around the world are harvesting or doing with their harvests!
This harvest Monday has been mostly about the berries. Strawberries, blueberries and mulberries. Not any large amounts at once but handfuls every day or two. Check it out... of course like always I forgot to take pictures of found my children with mouths stuffed full before I had the chance to snap a shot, but - eh that is nothing new. Besides, I managed to catch one in the act, too. :-D
Here is one of the culprits picking out of the strawberry patch.... stinker. At least she eats them I suppose. What more could a Mom ask for?
I've got kids that STEAL veggies. On PURPOSE... and fruit...and..

get this...

they LIKE IT!!!!

But not all of them will admit that they were the ones.... Some hide away as if they can't be seen behind oh say a pair of hands. *snicker*

Most of my harvests looked this way. The side shoots from the broccoli came in gangbusters this week. And the strawberries came 5 or 6 a day as well as the blueberries and peas, too. Unfortunately they are nearing the end.

And this is what happens when you leave a bowl of mulberries on the table to grab the camera. When you return there are half of them missing and hmmm.... a strange being is eating them up!

*CAUGHT AGAIN* Little girl. Not so slick are you!? No wonder I can't get pictures of anything around here! Good thing you are kinda cute after all.

'Till next time!



  1. Blueberries already? I need to go take a look at my bushes! It looks like your cute girls are very content with your crops. :)

  2. The pictures you did get of your harvest look great...I haven't had a mulberry in 30 years! My grandparents had one next to the chicken yard...I read a while back that's where most folks planted shade the chooks and give them a little treat at the same time.

    I wasn't a teen in the 80's, but I was raising MC and parachute pants are familiar to me! ;)

  3. Adorable! It sounds like life with kids around our place, only not 'till June. Don't they love it!

  4. This reminds me of a story. I was in my early 20's and me and a friend were roofing a farmhouse in Michigan. The owner had a large strawberry patch behind the house. We worked all day and never saw anyone. Same the next day. By the third day the air was ripe with the fragrance of overripe strawberries. We took a lunch break and suddenly set on the berry patch and ate every ripe berry. Just then the farmer drove up. My hands and face were stained red. He looked at us and said "looks like you boys got into the berries." Caught red-handed. Then he told us not to worry, he worked in town and didn't have the time to pick em. We made sure we did an extra nice roofing job.

  5. Next to impossible to scold a cute face like that. Too adorable!!

  6. Berries almost never make it into the house for weighing or picture taking in our home... they just are too tempting to eat while standing in the garden. :D

  7. It so wonderful to watch the kids having a grand time during berry season at your place. So many happy little customer there.Aww...what a cute smile.

  8. I'm jealous, I wish we have berries, any kind of berries would do :(

  9. What a nice harvest. I always loved when I didn't even have to pick. The kids would go out and pick for me. Of course they wouldn't bring it in, they would eat it right there in the garden.