Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interesting week...

So as promised I am back to tell you all about my week. I actually harvested a lot. I did take pictures, too. Forgot to weigh some of it, but most of it never made it inside so that is okay I suppose.

The week started off well enough with some salad greens, and them some berries and things....

I certainly had no complaints. I even brought in a few more peas.

The beans started producing. My girls are crazy about beans so I let them each pick one. But the real bean harvest is just beginning.
Each day a bowl full of berries, and now each day a bowl full of beans.
This makes me happy.
But then one afternoon my little muchkin was a harvesting away.... and this is what I found.....
She was just hanging out playing with the grass so I snapped a picture of her. She is usually the calmer of my bunch, but 10 minutes later I went back and she was still there. This time she was asleep.
No harm done! I let her sleep while I finished my outside chores. That's odd, still sleeping. She didn't wake up for dinner either. Not even for her promised beans. Uh-oh.
I have a sickly little one.
Friday night got even more interesting and from 1am-5am this little girl (who had not eaten her dinner remember) used every towel in our home to heave mucous and bile every 10 minute onto. We called it quits when it started coming out her nose and high tailed it to help. The next day we came home and a few hours later we went BACK to the doctors, skipping the ER. Good thing her Dr is open on the weekends. Sunday we went to see him 2 more times. Poor little girl. This is what she looked like on hmmm... Sunday afternoon? Monday afternoon? Momma's lost track of time. I think this was Sunday. At any rate this was after massive doses of medications to control her problems....

Got hives? So what the first Dr thought was the stomach flu was actually an allergic reaction to.... well to God only knows what. And it wasn't a little reaction either. She did have an ear infection so she remains on the antibiotic, and it wasn't started until after the reaction began so we know that wasn't it.
I managed to miss the second (and probably last) plant swap in the area for the year. I also had to cancel our plans to go to the property in Alabama. It's turkey season so bad timing. We won't be able to get up again before the end of the season so I guess we won't have a bird in the freezer for Thanksgiving. It also means the watermelon won't be planted up there in time for eating them on the 4th of July.... Not that I would risk this precious babes life to go, but dag nab it I am a bit disappointed. It also means more catch up work when we do make it up there. If we can't get there every other month the work tends to pile up and make the visits more work and less pleasure. Guess I'll switch gears and start looking at things the pigs won't root up. Maybe some okra and calabaza would do well up there. Time to start thinking about the summer crops for feeding the deer and hogs, too. :-)
The good news in all of this is that she is feeling much better now, though I feel much like crap. Mostly from lack of sleep. LOL.
I wish that I could tell you that I was out planting these really interesting trees, or building a new planter. Hunting, fishing, skiing, or horseback riding, but no. That wasn't the type of interesting weekend we had. Hope that you and yours are healthy and happy.

'Till next time!



  1. Oh, my goodness! What a horrible weekend for you and your little one. Scary too! I do hope she's on the mend, poor baby, and her mother too. Somehow harvests and turkeys and such just don't seem quite so important.

  2. I'm glad your kiddo is on the mend. That doesn't look or sound like it was really much fun.


  3. I have suffered with hives a few times and it is not pleasant. I think you can find out what caused it through an allergist. Poor little thing!! Great harvest you've got going there.