Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harvest - Monday? 11.29.10

Ah, yes this harvest Monday is late, too. Sorry - was trying to catch up on work and all.
There is something new about this harvest Monday. Can you guess what it is?

I'm older. Yup. That is the change. But the real change is that getting a little older managed to get me a new gizmo for my kitchen. Let me introduce you to my newest kitchen pet. I'll have to come up with a name for it, but that could take a little time. Here it is at work:
:-) It makes me happy. I'm trying to get into the habit of weighing my harvests now. I figure I'll write the weights but not tally until January. I'll start fresh with the new year.
Yes, that's right I am STILL harvesting a ton of these little Tabasco peppers. This batch is destined to make some vinegar with. A present for a relative or two that uses it on greens. *cringe* I do find it odd that I like spinach and such but can't stand greens.I brought in 2oz of snow peas (just enough for a stir fry) I harvested 12.9oz of tomatoes:

1oz of jalapeno - small but tasty!
6.2oz of assorted green beans
3oz of Limas
11.4oz of okra. All this totaled just over 2.5 pounds of produce. Not bad considering it was completely neglected for a full week.

Let's see - what else? Ah, yes I used my Galeuse d'eysine

It was oh so tasty. I put 4 cups of puree in the freezer, ate 2 cups while I was preparing the puree and used another 4 cups for assorted things. A side dish and a pumpkin log mainly. It was a little stringy and a bit more watery than I prefer but the taste was really good. Next up is that beautiful Jarrahdale that has been waiting for me for so long. I think this weekend it will meet it's final match. Besides with no other storage for then the squash have all been decorating my house. Now that Christmas is near it's time for them to disappear to make way for reindeer!

So that left me with my final seed saving for the Bumpkin. I've got about 50 seeds I'm willing to trade. I'll have some more from the Jarrahdale as well next week.

So I was nervous about leaving my garden. It would seem that I was nervous for naught, but it isn't true. I came back and my squash plants were GONE> Not diseased, not wilted or withering. Nope. Just gone. Disintegrated. It's the strangest thing. Unfortunately it left my last pumpkins that were waiting to mature bare to the sun. I'm not at all happy about this. I didn't save the last pie pumpkin as I had at minimum one good one that should have matured nicely. Boy was I wrong. Now it's heading for the compost pile and I'm going to have to use my jarrahdale for my Christmas pies and muffins. Not what I planned but it's good that I still can use a fresh pumpkin I suppose. Most of my other plants made it through just fine without me. My blueberries are brown and withered as well as the pomegranate. Should have told the sitter to water them because the times sprinkler wont reach them. I think they should recover well enough. I sure hope so!

Linking in to Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions. Come on over and see what's on the menu being harvested or how people are using their harvests!


  1. Beautiful harvests. Too bad about the pumpkin though. You just never know until you pick something if it will be there. I lost most of my butternuts to the critters.

  2. Oh how nice it must be to grow fresh pomegranate! So sorry to hear about the pumpkins!

  3. Nice harvest! And VERY nice scale!

  4. Sorry about the pumpkin, hope your pomegranate and blueberry comes back. The jarrahdale look really nice.

  5. Very nice harvest, Barb! I can't believe you still have okra. I wonder what we did differently.


  6. Daphne- Thanks, you'd think I would realize that by now. LOL overly hopeful I suppose.:-)

    Shawn- No pomegranate until next year. We transplanted it too late this year but I am a big fan and can't wait!

    VP- Thanks! I was excited. It will be nice to know the weights of what I'm brining in.

    Mac- Thanks. I'm sure they will survive at least as long as I can will them to they will!

    Mary- It is odd. My okra is hurting certainly but still producing. The plants are showing many signs of age and some of the pods are rather odd looking lately. Maybe I just planted later?