Thursday, November 11, 2010


And then it dawns on me. I’m crouched down with a flashlight in hand and it’s flickering on and off as the batteries are fading. I’ve smacked it around and jiggled it but like it or not it won’t work much longer. See, green beans were requested as a side dish on the way home from work. And as I stumble over the hose laying like a snake in waiting to strike as I pass - it dawns on me….THIS is why I don’t usually garden in the fall. Because I leave in total darkness and I return in total darkness.

Nevertheless I WILL prevail this year. At least for a little bit longer. I’ll have to formulate a plan that will allow me to only tend my garden weekly but as temps steadily decline the plants will need less intervention. The plants will not set as much nor as often and the weeds shouldn’t go insane in just 5 days, right? I feel incredibly guilty leaving what is ready  to be harvested hanging on the plants for that long, I really do. Actually it feels somewhat like dropping the kids off at the grandma’s for a week when I am not leaving town. I am hoping that this goes well if nothing else for a learning experience that will leave me better educated for next fall’s gardens.

So for now I’m trying to rush home at least one day a week to beat the sunset and be able to tend my veggies, and doing most of the work on Saturday or Sunday. Mr. Garden fairy- please don’t let the caterpillars go rampant on my ‘maters. I only have 4 bushes left!

This weekend it’s me and the dirt. Well, actually it’s a wedding and loading a trailer and picking up the newest toy PLUS 10 bags of humus and that isn’t nearly enough but it will get part of my project under way. I’m thrilled I will have dirt under my nails again soon, it just feels right.


‘Till next time!



  1. Barb's After-Dark Garden Adventure. I think it would make for a good series of posts. ;)

  2. HAHA Mary- as long as I don't have to include pictures 'cause they would be pretty boring. ;-)
    You and I need to schedule a cup of coffee after turkey day!